TNU 075
Mabel, the Scrabble-Playing Dalmation (Postcard.
Mabel, the Scrabble-Playing Dalmation (postcard)
Mabel, the Scrabble-Playing Dalmation
This has absolutely nothing to do with the books but I just liked the idea, and is the first of the postcards that required a serious production number. The picture was also the 'Spot the deliberate mistake' competition for the US readers, so I suppose the bit about absolutely nothing just above is not altogether correct. The picture is in five different elements and required lights and everything round at my mum's front room. This really is Mabel, my mother's dalmation, and she is every bit a prune as she appears in the photo. Because I wanted to get a good picture of her looking at the camera with a 'Well, what move are you going to make now, you poor stupid human?' look, I had to run an entire roll of film on her as she would insist on looking everywhere but the camera, wandering off, knocking the board, wagging her tail, getting up, etc, etc. The board was photographed next, then Mari's hand. (We did an alternative with our dog's paws but it didn't work.) I think all in all it worked quite well.

Colour postcard, unumbered, given out on US Well of Lost Plots tour, Feb-March 2004. 1000 editions.
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