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Grammasite Identification Car.
Grammasite Identification Card (postcard)
Grammasite Identification Card
This is one of my favourites, simply from a layout and design viewpoint. I have an inordinate fondness for grammasites which give the BookWorld a slightly wild and flambouyant edge. This image is from the Jurisfiction section of my site and features a nounfish, as drawn by Maggy Roberts (This is her site). Other illustrations by her can be found here. Any attempts by me to explain just how the TextSea works can be very confusing but in general the sea is a foaming mass of random text where letters spontaneously clump together to form words or even sentences (with help from grammasites like the nounfish). These are then fished out by 'Wordmen' aboard 'Scrawl Trawlers' using nets and long poles with hooks on the end. These words and sentences are then deposited on the quayside each morning to be sold to book manufacturers. Simple, eh?

Caption reads: "Growing up to twenty feet in length and speckled with text, the nounfish Pisces Noungobblus is one of the largest predators in the Text Sea. Swimming languidly in the depths, it feeds on stray nouns by dangling the indefinite article "lure" in front of its snout. Seen quite often by textmen aboard scrawltrawlers, the nounfish has been known to leap clean out of the Text Sea in its eagerness to pursue a nouny snack. Breeding habits: Unknown. Population: Unknown. Danger factor: Low."

Colour postcard, unumbered, given out on US Well of Lost Plots tour, Feb-March 2004. 1000 editions.

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