TNU 089
Conspiracy Theorist Magazine
Conspiracy Theorist Magazine (postcard)
A cover of the once-popular magazine, Conspiracy Theorist
Mari designed this postcard as I was busy with the 'Seven Wonders' and she wanted to. I give her the general idea and a few bullet points as to what should appear on the cover and she goes away and does it with very little refinements from me. She used to own Guinea-pigs when she was younger which would explain the picture of "Guinzilla", vaguely referenced in Something Rotten and as chance would have it a recent news bulletin when giant Cavey bones were dug up in South America. The blurred image of Napoleon is masterful, the lake really is of the Elan, and most of the headlines relate to conspiracy theories that have featured throughout the series.

Colour postcard, unumbered, given out on UK, US, Pacific & Canadian tours for Something Rotten July - October 2004. 1000 editions.
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