TNU 100
Bookstamp: 'Danish Literature Warning'
Bookstamp: 'Danish Literature Warning'
The bookstamp usually stamped in Something Rotten
This was introduced in July 2004 after the success of the previous two bookstamps (TNU 068 and (TNU 069 ) and was intended primarily for Something Rotten. At the time I wrote TN-4, I chose the Danish as the scapegoats for all sorts of nonsense as I thought they were the European nation that was the least likely to offend anyone. The events of late 2005 proved me wrong. It is getting harder and harder to write satire these days. As is usual with my bookstamps, these are only stamped on dedicated copies, at events.

This was a trodat 'rechargable' ink type as the two self-inkers I used previously ran out of ink.
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