Bestiary: A guide to some of the weird creatures living in Eddie and Jane's world.
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A picture of a Wading Hedgehog

The Wading Hedgehog Identical to the standard hedgehog but for the long legs, the Wading Hedgehog lives in the marshy areas of Green Sector South where it feeds on the Striped Peppermint Slug.

Ideally equipped for the wetland habitat in which it lives, the Wading Hedgehog has no know predators, and has lost its ability to roll into a ball when threatened. Possessing only a vestigial barcode, the Wader has so far defied Taxonomic classification, but may have grown longer legs over a period of time using a technique not yet fully understood.

Cheery and tame, the Wading Hedgehog can be hand-fed. Strictly monogamous, this small creature will eat up to six times its own weight every fortnight and has a peculiar habit of stealing other infants to raise in its own 'orphanage'. Typically a foot in length, when out of the marsh it has a surprising turn of speed; unsubstantiated rumours claim that the Riffraff use them for racing.