Bestiary: A guide to some of the weird creatures living in Eddie and Jane's world.
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A picture of a Ground Sloth

Ground Sloth Second only to the Rhinosaurus in size, the Ground Sloth is one of Chromatacia's most impressive megafauna. Seen here in its three most usual forms, it will walk on all fours for locomotion, stand on its haunches to browse trees, and then simply collapse like a sack of bonemeal when tired.

Slow-moving and exceedingly dim, the Ground Sloth does little except feed, and sleep. Prone to bouts of scratching and yawning that can last for hours, the Ground Sloth gets very little done, and its thick hairy coat is often covered with crusty mould, making the reading of its impressively large barcode very difficult.

Untroubled by man, the Ground Sloth is only dangerous when it suddenly falls asleep, when it can fall on an unsuspecting naturalist. Monogamous because it can't be arsed to find a mate better then the one it meets first, the Sloth mates once a year, but doesn't seem to enjoy it much, and male and female have been known to sleep for two weeks following mating

Towering eighteen feet at the shoulder when browsing, the Ground Sloth is undeniably impressive, but also very boring. The average naturalist can be expert in the Ground Sloth after only twenty minute's fast reading.

Taxa Number: 872918232212-881022?????????