Bestiary: A guide to some of the weird creatures living in Eddie and Jane's world.
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A picture of a Giant Swan

Giant Swan or Cygnus Carnivorum Giganticus. Little is known about this elusive creature for obvious reasons. Usually seen wheeling high above the ground, the Giant Swan can soar for thousands of miles on rising currents of air.

Named 'The Whispering Death' with good reason, an attack by a Giant Swan is unexpected, always fatal, and generally out of the sun. They are particularly dangerous during the nesting season - a giant swan chick will eat its own weight in live prey every seven minutes.

The TAXA number is unknown, as no-one has been close enough to find out. Naturalist's opinions differ over the Giant Swan as it shows considerable differences to its smaller cousins. The lack of flapping wings make it almost unique in the birdworld, as is its propensity to stay permenantly aloft. No Giant Swan has ever been seen to land.