Bestiary: A guide to some of the weird creatures living in Eddie and Jane's world.
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A picture of a Rhinosaurus

Rhinosaurus The most impressive of Chromatacia's wildlife, the Rhinosaurus is the largest land animal in the collective. It is also one of the most dangerous, but not due to ill- temperament. An easy-going and mild-mannered animal, the damage that can be done by its bulk is quite considerable, and all manner of subterfuges are are used to lure it from a village where it can do untold damage if allowed to stumble through the stockwalls.

Always seen in pairs, the slow-moving creature spends most of its time eating and expelling vast quantities of methane. The Barcode is unusually small for the creature's size, and can be located on the tail quite near the tip, usually along with a single registration number.

At current estimates there are only forty-eight Rhinosauri in the outland, and are very long-lived. So long-lived, in fact, that no-one has ever seen a dead one, nor any young. Experts suggest they are possessed of Negligible Senescence and may only mate when they feel old age is creeping up. The unusually short TAXA number has so far defied all attempts at decryption.