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Re: Just because...
Posted by: dave (
Date: January 22, 2003 03:33PM

<HTML>I've got my own Librarian too. A small, non-cuddly (china) one, bought by my brother back when I first became a librarian. He observes my pc, offering the odd 'oook' of encouragement.

Cuddly toys? Erk, I've got a few. At work my pc is adorned with a kangaroo and a reindeer (with a darning needle through it's nose, don't ask). At home there's Boris the platypus (Rob has one similar, I believe..) and Thompson the Goldfish. Oh, and a PG Tips Chimp, who pretends to go 'oook' too, but is fooling no-one.

Then there's eddie, of course.</HTML>

Re: Just because...
Posted by: Carla (198.179.227.---)
Date: January 22, 2003 03:43PM

<HTML>at work i have Rebecca the cow (who has been with me since i started working in an office in 95) and a little bear that i won in a fair in Amsterdam and a mole and a white bear (given for free by publishers and Helen had duplicates so gave me these)

At home there's (that i can remember up front)

Bunny - a rabbit my boyfriend brought from Praque
Justin - a black dog
Biscuit - a white sheep
Edward - a green elephant
Alex - a grey hippo

a nameless moomin, a nameless dinosaur (that says RAHHHH when you press it's tummy) and there is still a big cow in Portugal... no, not Bea...</HTML>

Re: Just because...
Posted by: ScarletBea (194.196.168.---)
Date: January 22, 2003 04:40PM

<HTML>gawd, you made me laugh out LOUD in the office with that last bit
I'm glad you're not calling me cow ;)

(you'd never ever get presents again if you were ;))

and what's a moomin?</HTML>

Re: Just because...
Posted by: Carla (198.179.227.---)
Date: January 22, 2003 04:56PM


i got it free from a publisher as well...</HTML>

Re: Just because...
Posted by: Sarah (
Date: January 22, 2003 05:26PM

<HTML>So far, Boris the platypus wins the prize for Most Obscure Cuddly Toy, I think. I once made someone a cuddly aardvark, which was immediately named Algernon Septimus by the delighted recipient, but since I didn't bother making one for myself too, I can't really ask for him to be considered in the running.

Apart from Wilfred, the Librarian, and the soon-to-be-dodo, I have:

George, Harry and Beni - three more penguins
Enzo, Andy, Llewelyn and Owen - hedgehogs
Iago - large and formidable-looking spider, yay!
Garfield - the one and only
Svetlana - very posh cat with hat and pearls
Graham - owl
Trillian - extra-terrestrial teddy bear
Maurice - terrestrial teddy bear
Gladly - my cross-eyed bear (yes, I know, it's as hackneyed as heck...)
Declan - enthusiastic labrador puppy
Brian - cheesed off rabbit
Caradoc - soppy Welsh dragon
Michael - cheerful, slightly insane dragon
Several nameless creatures who live on the shelf above my bed

But I have not, so far, got a sheep.</HTML>

Re: Just because...
Posted by: All-American-Cutie (
Date: January 22, 2003 05:37PM

<HTML>I just have 2 very fuzzy cats who like to flop on my keyboard and turn everything I type into capitalized words or they hit the ESC key and zap my 2000 word email into the cosmic ether. One of the other cats likes to put his front paws on my leg and reach and grab my arm to get me to pet him, while the other one is busy leaving hair on my nice furniture in the formal living room. Usually they attempt to do this all at once.</HTML>

Re: Just because...
Posted by: poetscientistdrinker (
Date: January 22, 2003 06:29PM

<HTML>I've got a rather nice pet lurcher, who is as stupid as anything but rather clever with it. She doesn't like cats very much though, or rather she does, but rather too much... Of stuffed toys I have none (and if I did the dog would steal them), but eke I have all my Lego still, and get more every Yule...</HTML>

Re: Just because...
Posted by: fuzz (
Date: January 22, 2003 07:34PM

<HTML>Well, meby I should start posting some more and move op them thar rankings. Or possibly Rankin's, which would be a lot weirder.
And to add to the stuffed animals debate:
1xStuffed lamb - old cuddly toy I've had since I was a baby
1xBagpuss - he sits on a speaker and looks wise
1xSnake - lives on the moniter and worries people
1xLizard filled with sand - Although he seems to have gone walkabout at the mo.

And for AAC, a <a href="">piece of software</a> that can tell when your cat(s) are wandering on the keyboard, then play's a noise to scare them off.
Just makes you wonder what other software is out there, in both senses of the phrase.</HTML>

Re: Just because...
Posted by: All-American-Cutie (
Date: January 22, 2003 07:43PM

<HTML>Fuzz, that's BRILLIANT! I have to show this one to my hubby and my sister! (she has the same problem - only she also has a wire hair fox terrier that does it too!)

although, my cats really only mess with the keyboard when they think it's receiving more attention than they are! LOL</HTML>

Re: cuddly toy
Posted by: Jon (
Date: January 22, 2003 07:57PM

<HTML>I have ascertained the identity of the bear in my bedroom. He is called Albert, and has been Claire's constant companion all her life (he was bought for her before she was born). He has had many adventures, notably being pegged out on the washing line by his ears, causing his owner to howl loudly.

I myself had a (nameless) woolly monkey I was very fond of, which my granny knitted for me. I should like to know what became of him. He wore a hat and scarf in Oldham rugby colours, and had we ever got to Wembley he would have come with me. My brother had a like monkey, only this one supported Manchester United .... does he still exist?</HTML>

Re: cuddly toy
Posted by: Sarah (
Date: January 22, 2003 08:02PM

<HTML>Oh, gosh, I forgot Wembley the octopus! He used to belong to my ex, and he wears Sheffield United colours, but since my ex wasn't interested in him (heartless so-and-so) I got custody of him. I really must get round to making him a hat and scarf in QPR colours. We'll just have to ignore his socks, which are knitted in, unfortunately.</HTML>

Re: cuddly toy
Posted by: All-American-Cutie (
Date: January 22, 2003 08:09PM

<HTML>you could always buy 4 pairs of baby socks in the appropriate colors!</HTML>

Re: cuddly toy
Posted by: Sarah (
Date: January 22, 2003 08:16PM

<HTML>Now that is clever... if I can find any in bright blue and white, of course...</HTML>

Re: cuddly toy
Posted by: dave (
Date: January 22, 2003 08:37PM

<HTML>hey, they come in all colours. I've become an expert on baby socks ( amongst other things) since the arrival of young Eddie. Who is 2 this may. Where does the time go? I know where all the money goes....</HTML>

Re: cuddly toy
Posted by: poetscientistdrinker (
Date: January 22, 2003 11:44PM

<HTML>Jon - I spotted your monkey outside a train station last week. He had a sign reading 'Fat Bloke and Failed TV Company to Support' around his neck....</HTML>

Re: cuddly toy
Posted by: Ooktavia (
Date: January 23, 2003 06:42PM

<HTML>I have a platypus, two elephants and a tiny teddy bear who either voyage with me to australia or decided to be mine when i was there. The platypus was most useful, as Fred the Attack Platypus From Hell he gaurded my foodbox in hostels. Worked, too. I had a "Beware of Platypus" sign on the box, and *no-one* stole anything from me, whilst all around me people were claimg everything was stolen from Their boxes. Ha ha ha. (No it wasn't me.)
My bedroom at home has been sub-let to all the stuffed toys we have ever had, from my mother's childhood dog, the toy we had as kids/ were given my romantic and unimaginative boyfreinds as teens, all the way up to the Steiff Lion my brother bought his wife before they moved to America. There were four of us kids, I'm amazed there's room for me in there!</HTML>

Re: cuddly toy
Posted by: fuzz (
Date: January 23, 2003 06:48PM

<HTML>I saw a platypus, when I was out in oz. It looked like a cross between a pushme-pullyou and an otter. It was also quite small. Somehow I felt let down, ah well.</HTML>

Re: cuddly toy
Posted by: Adam (212.137.30.---)
Date: January 24, 2003 01:31PM

<HTML>I don't think I have still got the Man U monkey (not seen it in years) but I do have:

Jupiter - white and black dog (been all round the world)
Dino - red dinosaur
Piglit - mischievous piglet (original style not Disney one)
Paddy - small teddy bear in a jumper (who just looked Irish somehow)
small white bear that I won in Blackpool that I don't think ever got named
Eric - from the Levi's commercial (lives in my car)

This post now puts me level with Minsky!</HTML>

Re: cuddly toy
Posted by: jon (
Date: January 24, 2003 01:44PM

<HTML>.... obviously these monkeys are sneaking off on their own and hiding somewhere. Possibly we should have paid them more peanuts. It has been brought to my attention that there are a number of small gonks living on the mantlepiece, all of whom seem quite happy at being out of dog reach, and a dopey looking ladybird on a bookshelf, which isn't happy because it was left within dog reach. I should also like a wicker pig, a china ditto, and a china sheep to be taken into consideration. I was going to include something furry that lived in a jug, but it proved on closer inspection to be mould.</HTML>

Re: cuddly toy
Posted by: Ooktavia (
Date: January 25, 2003 12:01AM

<HTML>A china ditto? I have a wooded etcetera.....</HTML>

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