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Recent Reviews
Posted by: jon brierley (
Date: September 28, 2002 07:00PM

<HTML>Recent (favourable) reviews of LIAGB have appeared not only in heavyweight broadsheets like the Sunday Times and The Observer, but also in Trekkie geeks monthly SFX. (I read it for the articles).

And what does this wide range of approbation tell us, oh my brothers and sisters?

It tells us that we are cool people with impeccable taste. Congratulate yourselves (but not too hard, or you'll go blind).

PS - isn't it hard to type when your drunk.....took me 20 mins to do this.

(Shiraz Merlot, since you ask).</HTML>

Re: Recent Reviews
Posted by: poetscientistdrinker (
Date: September 29, 2002 10:07PM

<HTML>Nice choice of wine and reading material (I hope that the SFX is stuffed firmly under your mattress where your mum won't find it...)

I'm not sure about my taste being impecable tho' lol. Something about the way people laugh at my clothes...</HTML>

Re: Recent Reviews
Posted by: dave (
Date: September 30, 2002 09:22AM

<HTML>I'm with PSD on the choice of wine. Very nice. Jacob's Creek do a nice Merlot too.

Hey, we knew we were people of impeccable taste. It's just persuading others of that....</HTML>

Re: Recent Reviews
Posted by: ScarletBea (148.177.129.---)
Date: September 30, 2002 11:35AM

<HTML>lol I read jon's post several times to see just where was he mentioning the wine, until I guessed it must be that thing with the funny name at the end LOL

And of course, I'm with Dave on this one, we *know* we have impeccable taste, it's just usually the rest of the world who doesn't understand it :D
and actually, some things I do like to keep to myself.... my little treasures.... "go away, please don't like this, you'll ruin it!"</HTML>

Re: Recent Reviews
Posted by: jon brierley (
Date: September 30, 2002 01:57PM

<HTML>(Posted at work, whilst sober, and I should think so too)

Yes, SFX is a difficult mag to read in public....women look at me funny (well, funnier than usual) and I have to restrain the urge to shout "it's the letter F for God's sake" at them....somehow I don't think it would improve matters.

And I know precisely what Bea means about keeping it to often have I heard hippies going on about Tolkien and thinking to myself no, you haven't understood it, have you. Still, the thing is, it doesn't matter if people like things for the wrong reasons, the fact that they do ensures that Jasper gets his book deal renewed and we, the cognoscenti, get to read the results.

Incidentally, is it possible to be peccable?</HTML>

Re: Recent Reviews
Posted by: dave (
Date: September 30, 2002 02:15PM

<HTML>it is indeed possible to be peccable...

\Pec"ca*ble\, a. [Cf. F. peccable. See Peccant.] Liable to sin; subject to transgress the divine law. ``A frail and peccable mortal.'' --Sir W. Scott.

hey, I'm as surprised as everyone else....</HTML>

Re: Recent Reviews
Posted by: jon brierley (
Date: September 30, 2002 02:31PM

<HTML>I never transgressed no divine law in me life, honest guv, nor never did it nor nuffink.

Unless you count lying to priests at confession, which any 13 year old boy would have done (because believe you me at that age no way are you confess your *real* sins, especially not to a priest).

Jon (peccable and proud of it)</HTML>

Re: Recent Reviews
Posted by: dave (
Date: September 30, 2002 02:36PM

<HTML>I thought that being peccable as a 13-year old boy was part of the job description....


and what *cough* sins would they be then? *smiles nervously*</HTML>

Re: Recent Reviews
Posted by: jon brierley (
Date: September 30, 2002 03:24PM

<HTML>Bless me Father for I have is (cough) weeks since my last confession. Er....I was rude to me Mam last week (*thinks* ...and spent playtime fallin over artistically so as to try and look up Philomena Burke's skirt...grazed me knee and saw nothin), I haven't worked as hard at school as I should have (spent all double Maths writin rude words on David Markham's homework book....hope Batty Bates don't recognise me handwritin). I've used bad language (it was me what shouted 'jug-eared t**t' after Brother Joseph on Thursday night). I haven't helped folk as much as what I might (ran off like a scaredy cat when Chris Barry jumped Mike Briggs at the bus stop...Mike got thumped and I still caught it anyway because next time Mike saw me he thumped me....bastard). Er...I think that's it, Father (and we'll keep very quiet about that magazine I borrowed off Paul Cook...Jesus that were mucky. I'll be sneaking me sheets round the launderette again).

Only five Hail Maries.....sound. (And it's no good leggin off as soon as you're out, cos the nosy old git peeps).

God knows what kids these days would confess (supposing they ever did).</HTML>

Re: Recent Reviews
Posted by: poetscientistdrinker (
Date: September 30, 2002 06:35PM

<HTML>My confessions as a thirteen year old... I would have been so bnusy saying hail marys I wouldn't ahev had time to rack up the next weeks sins properly... Praise the lord for atheism (er....)

Anyway peccable seems like a perfectly good life ambition for me, so I'm going to go off and start practising.

Ben - original sins a speciality</HTML>

Re: Recent Reviews
Posted by: Ooktavia (
Date: October 21, 2002 11:19AM

<HTML>SFX is NOT a trekkie geek mag. It is a TREKKER geek mag!
Actually (speaking as one of the *women* who read it) it's a pretty good read, and takes the p*ss out of most of the things it reviews, especially star trek. Seems to like Buffy the vampire slayer and related works a bit too much though....
Query: How does one judge if one is peccable as opposed to fallible? Wherein lies the differenece?
And if you can be peccable, can you also be couth?</HTML>

Re: Recent Reviews
Posted by: poetscientistdrinker (
Date: October 21, 2002 06:30PM

<HTML>I don't know about ebing couth - it doesn't seem the sort of description I'll ever have to deal with... I don't think I'll ever make ept either. Does it piss other people off that flammable and inflammable mean the same thing?

Fallible implies making a mistake once in a while. 'Liable to sin' implies deliberately living it up.

Now, did I leave my stash of coke under the bottle of vodka or at the page three beauty's house?

PS Ooktavia? Definitely a Pratchett type thing sneaking in around here...</HTML>

Re: Recent Reviews
Posted by: jon (
Date: October 22, 2002 12:29PM

<HTML>I will admit to being peccable, and have occasionally had flashes of couth, but I would draw the line at culpable. Never had a culp in my life. (Although is lying at confession (see above) classed as culp fiction?)

Pause for groans.

Re couth, IIRC, Chaucer has a line something like;

A wryter ther was, of Swinndon toun, of ful couth seeming
That wight was yclept Jasper, and did wyth his wit and tales
Keep al at jape, until whilom he vanyshed and the Wyf of Bath also.....


Re: Recent Reviews
Posted by: charles ronayne (
Date: October 22, 2002 12:53PM

<HTML>ah ive just realised that Chaucer didnt in fact mean his books to be terribly hard to understand but was in fact one of the first unfortunate people to be affected by the misspelling vyrus. I dont know why that just occured to me but it did. b.t.w i would be nterested as to what people think of the new information give about WOLP on Mr. Fforde's homepage. I think its a little more dscriptive, giving a lot more to think about (yay!!) but I did like the reference to scampi, which has long since been boojomed</HTML>

Posted by: jon (
Date: October 22, 2002 01:19PM

<HTML>Damn - I never read the WOLP page with the scampi - what did it say? Re the new page, it just makes the waiting even more unbearable......

Of course Y already is a vowel in Welsh, and so is W. There was a rumour that the Welsh Socialist Republic would make them vowels in English as well, but it turned out to be only so much siarad gwrw.</HTML>

Posted by: ScarletBea (148.177.129.---)
Date: October 22, 2002 03:49PM

<HTML>grrr where are those?
I don't think the updates news are properly maintained :(

Btw, have you seen his page where he says what he'll be doing in the next months? Travelling and appearances and all? It replies to some things people have asked here.
I have to say the joke is a bit lame though ;) and I'm even a person who loves stupid jokes (ask Ben lol)....</HTML>

Posted by: ScarletBea (148.177.129.---)
Date: October 22, 2002 03:51PM

<HTML>forget it, I just found the page :)</HTML>

Posted by: ScarletBea (148.177.129.---)
Date: October 22, 2002 03:56PM

<HTML>Jasper wants to murder us, don't you think? Totally, completely and cleanly, he wants to murder us of LONGING!

You're soooo bad, giving us bits and pieces and more bits and hints and threats and.... *fainting once again*

You could honour your lifelong fans aka Nextaholics Anonymous by giving us (here or by mail) some more bits of the book as you write them *blinks* pretty please.... with cherry on top....</HTML>

Re: jasper appearances
Posted by: jon (
Date: October 22, 2002 04:38PM

<HTML>re the joke on the appearances page...I have to say it made me laugh....that is exactly the kind of joke I tell my wife, just before she hits me.</HTML>

Posted by: ScarletBea (148.177.129.---)
Date: October 22, 2002 04:40PM

<HTML>she's a girl with very good taste then :D</HTML>

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