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last subject
Posted by: charles ronayne (
Date: October 03, 2002 01:44PM

<HTML>You'll have to excuse the fact that the last message has absolutely nothing to do with the post but I don't normally bother to change them. :-)</HTML>

Re: last subject
Posted by: dave (
Date: October 03, 2002 04:20PM

<HTML>I think if you read some of the other posts, you'll quickly see that relevance to the post title is rarely high on the priority list. It's probably the exception that a post is actually about what it says it is.

'Does exactly the opposite of what it says on the tin', to paraphrase a certain well-known advert.

Speaking of which, there are some truly awful adverts out there. I can't understand how some of them
a. got made, and
b. actually persuade anyone to buy the item in question.

I'm thinking of the Campino/Werther's Originals ('Oooh, it's a toffee')

So, what are peoples' favourite/least favourite adverts? And why hasn't Jasper done one for TV?</HTML>

Re: last subject
Posted by: poetscientistdrinker (
Date: October 03, 2002 11:31PM

<HTML>What? Like "Read 'The Eyre Affair' - because it's worth it..." or "'Lost in a Good Book' - nine out of ten cats prefer whiskers..."

Interesting... Great adverts - Guinness (all flavours thereof), John Smith's and the Hamlet ones of yore, Ferrero Rocher (admit it - you still remember it even if it was awful. In fact BECAUSE it was so awful...).

Apologies to non-brits for these - I shall explain: Guinness adverts presumably travel well, especially the White Horses one so no explanation needed; Hamlet was a brand of cigars to be smoked by people who'd been hit in the groin by a soccer ball and needed their minds taken off it; John Smith's is a bitter (beer) whose current adverts have, amongst other things) a bloke being phoned by the babysitter to reassure his daughter that there is no such thing as a wardrobe monster. He does this (cue much indulgent smiles from his dining companions) , and follows it with "It's the burglars breaking in through the window you need to look out for...".

Ferrero Rocher was so much of a national obsession that the last advert was actually featured in some TV guides (it had a naff party witha pyramid of the infernal chocalate balls wrapped in gold foil with a woman (in a European accent - representing style to the 1970s middle class) saying 'Wiz zese chocalates you are spoiling us, ambassador'. It actually looks better written down, if you can believe it... The attraction was actually the sheer naffness of the set-up.

Bad adverts - Washing liquid: "Mummy, why are your hands so soft", "They'd be damn sight softer if your bloody father would pay more maintenence so we could afford a dishwasher..."

Hoovers: "Try that with a REAL tornado and I'll be impressed"

ANY gardening product: "NEW garden claw works effortlessly even on my heavy sand pit..."

Stana Stairlifts/easy access baths/mobility carts: advertised by the equivalent of a naked woman draped across a car - for geriatrics. Yup, and you thought Thora Hird had departed the planet... Oh no. This professional ET look alike is busy helping fleece old people with gadgets they never needed. I mean - easy access baths! Surely one of the whole purposes of Grandparents is to smell like a carpet that recently covered the floor of the elephant house at London Zoo and hasn't been vacumed since well before 'Shake'n'vac' was invented.... It turns 'Countdown' into something quite unpleasant.

Rant over....</HTML>

Re: last subject
Posted by: all-american-cutie (
Date: October 04, 2002 02:59AM

<HTML>we have some great commercials here, too...

like a recent one expounding on how great a particular computer is that you can burn DVDs.

So a middle-aged guy gets his kid to help him burn one that has pics that he took of himself in the bathroom mirror. One was a cheesy one of his big smiley face and him waving and the other one was of the back/top of his head, showing his hair.

Then the younger brother opens up the file and it says, "Happy Birthday Little Bro" with the waving picture then it advances to the next picture and the camera angle is of the back of the younger brother's head looking into the laptop...and it shows the picture of the older brother's full head of hair and it says "SHINE ON" then the camera pans to the younger brother's big glaring bald spot.

Sibling rivalry at it's best! Probably funnier to see than to read about here!</HTML>

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