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Posted by: Anonymous User (
Date: June 11, 2006 05:09PM

I am a student of English and have to do an oral exam next week. I could chose the topic of this test myself and as a big fan of Jasper Fforde's novels, I chose "The Big Over Easy".

Although I never enjoyed preparing a test this much (-; I am currently having a tiny little problem. Since I am not a native speaker of English, I don't reaaly get the meaning of the title! Could anybody help me out? What does The Big Over Easy actually mean? Any references to nurseries maybe?
Answers would be much appreciated!

Thanks a lot!

Re: Title?????
Posted by: Puck (
Date: June 11, 2006 07:58PM

The Big Easy is a slang name for the city of New Orleans, and "over easy" is a way of cooking eggs.

Metaphors be with you!

Re: Title?????
Posted by: PrinzHilde (
Date: June 11, 2006 07:59PM

"Over Easy" is a method to fry an egg. You can find out about it from our friendly host himself.

You could also look up Jaspers own explanation of the title in the Special Features Section on []. But don't ask us about the password...

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Re: Title?????
Posted by: MuseSusan (
Date: June 12, 2006 02:13AM

Welcome to the fforum, by the way! After you've gotten that test over with, why don't you come on over to the Nextian Chat section, which is quite a bit busier and full of friendly people?

Re: Title?????
Posted by: Anonymous User (134.102.198.---)
Date: June 12, 2006 05:57PM

Thank you very much! I had a great laugh and your messages helped me not only to understand the title but also to add a new variety of an already well known recipe to my cooking (-; Quite welcome side-effect for a student.


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