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Neil Gaiman's Humpty Dumpty Crime Story
Posted by: Anonymous User (
Date: June 20, 2006 12:06AM

I'm new here, so I don't know if this has already been brought up.

Neil Gaiman apparently has written a detective short story with a dead Humpty in 1984. It can be found here:


Coincidence? Or maybe Fforde unintentionally using something that he read years earlier and that had stayed in his mind? In the special features section for BOE it says the original novel had been written in 1993.

The lighthouse scene in WOLP created a similar deja vu with me, but it's more obscure, so I might write about that later.

Re: Neil Gaiman's Humpty Dumpty Crime Story
Posted by: MuseSusan (
Date: June 20, 2006 07:11AM

Welcome, Ponderevo!

I've read a bit of Neil Gaiman but I don't think I've seen this one. I'll have to check it out!

I know Jasper wrote this book before he ever wrote the Thursday Next books, and although it was originally very different it did center around who killed Humpty Dumpty. It's certainly possible that he may have read Gaiman's story beforehand, though it doesn't detract from the cleverness and originality of Jasper's version!

Just a bit of a warning--people reading the threads in this section of the forum may not necessarily have read the Thursday Next books, so be careful when mentioning anything that might be a spoiler.

Anyway, welcome, and if you come over to the Nextian Chat section, which is a lot busier, they may offer you cake. But be careful when shaking anyone's hand…they've been playing around with buzzers recently…

Re: Neil Gaiman's Humpty Dumpty Crime Story
Posted by: Puck (
Date: June 24, 2006 03:57AM

1984, huh? Sounds like a government conspiracy to me...

Metaphors be with you!

Re: Neil Gaiman's Humpty Dumpty Crime Story
Posted by: literaryloser (
Date: August 22, 2006 06:20AM

That is a little weird, but even if he didn't get the idea from else where, no one writes it like Jasper. Besides I am a writer and the same thing happens to me, you write someone elses book with your touch because its just sitting in the back of your head and you don't even realize it.

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