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Minutiae (slight spoiler risk)
Posted by: Anonymous User (
Date: August 11, 2006 08:50PM

Just a couple of minor observations I made after my first two reads of the US edition of the book (which was wonderful fun, as usual):

1. The backwards “R” in “Veils [backwards “R”] Us” has jumped up into the line immediately above it, making it read:
where did you[backwards “R”]see that dress?”
While “Veils [backwards “R”] Us” is merely “Veils Us”.

2. Did anyone spot the writing on the table in the frontispiece? Very clever.

P. S. (regarding the contents of the Special Features): I cannot believe I didn’t realize the origin of Madeline’s name! I listened to an audio adaptation of her story ad nauseum when I was a kid (maybe that’s why I missed the reference – I’ve heard her name much more often than I’ve seen it in print).

EDIT: Also, the Blue Parrot in TBOE and the Green Parrot in TFB correspond with the main colors of the jackets of the US editions -- blue and green, respectively.

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Re: Minutiae (slight spoiler risk)
Posted by: RookeeAlding (
Date: October 18, 2006 12:55AM

Oh, is that where that R was from. I saw the R but completely missed that it was suppose to go somewhere else.

and once I read that special features section. I felt really dumb too. I had no idea that she was a character too.. of course the last time I read that story it know I can't remember so...I guess that's why I didn't realize it.

usully though if I've read it I'll see it. (LIke Microft (got board one summer, decided to read all the sherlock holmes stories, it's one of the whim things.)

but I'm really bad at Seeing Mr. FFordes eeggs, I mean I collect monopoly games and I still didn't notice Landen's name in the thursday next novels. some one had to tell me....

and confesstion time. Hamlet just haunts me, it's like my highschool didn't want to read anything else by Shakesphere.(I guess that's what I get for going to Stratford near the Hamlets). I read it about 5 times or so. So every time I see anything about Hamlet I go..."oh, what again?" not that it's boring just weird. All in all It makes me think that Shakesphere didn't like his own characters very much. most of his plays that I've read left everyone dead. and some for no real reason at all. (romeo and juliet the mother dies and once it's annoucned people just kinda move on. )

sorry Just had to rant that
and now my sig....


by the way...I've been convicted of Gramatical Homicide, and charged 18 years to life, so don't bother telling me about all the spelling mistakes. It's already on my record.

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