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Does it matter that...?
Posted by: Anonymous User (
Date: August 09, 2005 03:55PM

I saw 'The Eyre Affair' the other day in my local boostore, and thought that it looked really interesting, but after reading the blurb it seems that the plot relies quite heavily on the plot of Jane Eyre. Do you think that I would still enjoy reading this book, even though I haven't read Jane Eyre?


Re: Does it matter that...?
Posted by: Barefoot Andy (195.188.86.---)
Date: August 09, 2005 04:29PM

A fair number of people (check the poll on the other thread) around here didn't read Jane Eyre, (I still haven't, and knew nothing of the story at all when I read) and still loved the book. There's a lot of stuff as well as Eyre going on there, and it's all great. If you really want, find a brief plot synopsis of JE beforehand, and it might help.

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Re: Does it matter that...?
Posted by: Nicky (
Date: August 09, 2005 04:39PM

It does help to know how Jane Eyre turns out. If you're not planning to actually read the book, it might be useful to google a summary of the plot so you can figure out where Jasper's manipulating the story.

I read Jane Eyre many years before reading TEA but had forgotten how it ended. I appreciated TEA a lot more after I went back and reread Jane Eyre.

Re: Does it matter that...?
Posted by: Anonymous User (
Date: August 10, 2005 06:37PM

Fforde does a great job of making sure that you know what is going on, even if you haven't read "Jane Eyre". So it would be fine if you just read "The Eyre Affair" outright.

However, I loved "Jane Eyre". I'd reccomend that you read it anyways, some time in your life! You get an extra special happy feeling if you totally know about all of the J.E. characters when they're mentioned in "The Eyre Affair". It's a great book- my very favorite in the world. :)

Re: Does it matter that...?
Posted by: vampire (
Date: February 12, 2006 02:32AM

At first I was convinced that reading TEA without reading Jane Eyre was on the same dastardly level as watching a movie without reading the book. Only then it occured to me how many other references there are in TEA that relate to books I haven't read. . . So now that my hypocrisy has been revealed, you have my blessing to read TEA whatever your literary status may be.
Not that you have any reason to care about MY blessing. . .

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Re: Does it matter that...?
Posted by: literaryloser (
Date: June 06, 2006 12:15AM

Of course! to be honest I didn't even know Jane Eyre was a book until I read TEA so its no biggy at all! the book explains what you need to know about Jane Eyre and the rest really has nothing to do with the book at all. It just kind of takes place there, it is major but not really tied in much, the story is WAY differnt.

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Re: Does it matter that...?
Posted by: Anonymous User (
Date: July 20, 2006 02:38PM

OK, I am about a quarter of the way through this book, and not much yet relies on the book Jane Eyre. Just a little bit so far. Excellent, excellent book!!!! Can't put it down!!!! Just went out and bought all the other "Thursday Next" novels and I think I will probably read them back to back. Definitely love this book.

Just so you know I thought the same thing when I picked the book up, thats why I only bought the first one. It was recommend by several people so decided to give it a shot, and boy am I glad I did.

I think you will like it, a must read!


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Re: Does it matter that...?
Posted by: Anonymous User (
Date: August 03, 2008 10:21AM

I started reading Jane Eyre about a year ago and never finished it...then for school we were told we had to read TEA and i really enjoyed it!

I am now going to focus on reading Jane Eyre and of course the Next (pardon the pun) books in the Thursday series!!

Also if you want to get a good idea of what the book Jane Eyre is like borrow the movie! it's really good and very entertaining!!

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