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James Blunt
Posted by: Adrian Lush (212.183.134.---)
Date: June 04, 2009 11:26PM

He's been up to his bookrunning antics again. First "Richard III", and now I've spotted him on the guest list for Sir Montagu Corner's dinner party in "Lord Edgware Dies" by Agatha Christie.

What are we paying our Jurisfiction agents for, etc etc.

work is a vampire that sucks me dry
which is a metaphor
but still the reason I stuck a chair leg through my manager

Re: James Blunt
Posted by: SkidMarks (
Date: June 05, 2009 09:22AM

I would rather read about him than listen to him.

Perhaps it is the Jurisfiction agents who have incarcerated him?

Re: James Blunt
Posted by: CannibalRabbit (
Date: June 06, 2009 11:43AM

I should have guessed, with a name like that there is no ways that he could be real!

Mrs CR was perplexed by the "semi by the sea" in Wisemen. In 'Stralian a semi is large truck / lorry. If I have provoked any earworms I humbly apologise.

Re: James Blunt
Posted by: annie (
Date: June 10, 2009 11:00AM

I assumed the "semi by the sea" referred to an English Semi-detatched house...

Changes the whole meaning of the song for me...

Re: James Blunt
Posted by: robert (153.107.33.---)
Date: June 11, 2009 01:13AM

Oh. I thought semi in "semi by the sea" was the plural of seaman.

Re: James Blunt
Posted by: bunyip (
Date: June 11, 2009 10:28AM

I always thought the word 'semi' in Choomland was a contraction of 'seminary'.

The 'Yorkie' truck never seemed real to me, as my brother was at the time driving road trains from Darwin to the Alice. Usually 5 trailers full of fuel. 157 tons in 175 feet, and more wheels on the road than I had had hot dinners. I tried to count them once - got to 110 and stopped. It used to take 2 miles to stop safely - for anything else that is, he never felt the bumps whenever he hit something, and often only knew about it when he had to wash the prime mover.

He never hit any cars or other motor vehicles on that run - only bullocks, cows, sheep, kangaroos, wombats, emus, backpackers, mass murderers, aliens, and a large yellow and green lizard. No, he did not take drugs - he was what was called 'hyperactive' and could go days with little sleep without his awareness or driving skills deteriorating.

Edited becoz of stray myspeling vyrus

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 06/11/2009 10:29AM by bunyip.

Re: James Blunt
Posted by: Lymond (
Date: July 11, 2009 12:29PM

check out marcus brigstockes "we could do anything....put men on mars...explore the oceans...find a cure for james blunt" :-)

Re: James Blunt
Posted by: Bonzai Kitten (141.132.103.---)
Date: July 14, 2009 10:37AM

Bunyip: Clearly your brother is as worrying as you are! :P

Re: James Blunt
Posted by: annie (
Date: July 15, 2009 08:00AM

I have no problem with Bunyip's brother running over mass murderers.

Now if he'd managed to run over james blunt......

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 07/15/2009 08:03AM by annie.

Re: James Blunt
Posted by: bunyip (
Date: July 15, 2009 08:10AM

He's stopped driving them now.

He's off driving for the present as he had his first accident with a B double (only 2 trailers and about 70 feet long) when the trailer pin sheared near Maryborough when he was going up the slope with 90,000 litres of diesel in the tanks.

The cab was punted off the road when the trailer hitch hit the drive wheels. He went down a big slope as the road was built up and when the prime mover hit the bottom the shackles broke and he was pitched out through the front windscreen onto a timber (fortunately) fence post and into the barbed wire.

Ended up with a cracked sternum which hadn't healed last time I spoke with him, and it was going to have to be broken again to fix it. Makes my cancers, ctaracts etc.rather minor.

The trailers went across the road and fortunately didn't split or hit anyone.

All those who attended the crash thought it was rather a miracle as that is a busy road.

Him being weird sect religious was going to write it up as a 'miracle' and evidence of God's (sic) attending to the true believers.

Me, I'm more becoming a 'Sam Hallist'.

Re: James Blunt
Posted by: Bonzai Kitten (58.163.128.---)
Date: July 18, 2009 02:58PM

Ouch! Good luck to him.

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