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last updated : April 11th 2010

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Re: Shades of Grey
Posted by: PrinzHilde (
Date: June 13, 2010 06:03PM

Forkoon???? Bah!

First, I thought this was one of those results of trademark rights, but it seems all european trademarks for sporks that are cutlery are expired (contrary to what Wikipedia says).

The EU trademark register know about a "aerated mineral water" from Luxemburg and the UK Intellectual Property Office lists shovels and spades from Oxfordshire. In the US there at least are some "biodegradable knives, forks and spoons" called "Pick Spork" from Ohio and artificial turf and carpets from Georgia.

So, why don't you call a spork a spork?

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Re: Shades of Grey
Posted by: Boo Radley (
Date: June 14, 2010 01:43AM

"Pick Spork"? Didn't Mary Poppins used to say that?

Re: Shades of Grey
Posted by: SkidMarks (
Date: June 14, 2010 07:04PM

Boo Radley Wrote:
> "Pick Spork"? Didn't Mary Poppins used to say
> that?

Only when she was upset with someone.

Re: Shades of Grey
Posted by: delacuesta (
Date: June 14, 2010 11:09PM

My granny once called it "fpoon". That was when she had lost her artififial teef (we found them back later). I didn't recognize the genius of it until right now.

Re: Shades of Grey
Posted by: Boo Radley (
Date: June 15, 2010 03:22PM

I'm just thinking back to "Forkoon" and how it sounds like a parody of some planet from the Star Wars universe. Or maybe not even a parody.
Or something you'd hear on an old Firesign Theatre album.

"George Papoon and his magic Forkoon"

Re: Shades of Grey
Posted by: Cacullus (
Date: August 04, 2010 03:07PM

It's been a while, but didn't the librarian race homing slugs? It seems that some of them may have escaped into our world and gained shells (or maybe hers are descendents that have lost their shells?):


Re: Shades of Grey
Posted by: PrinzHilde (
Date: August 16, 2010 02:43AM

Interestingly, if this is english gardener's lore, it doesn't seem to have crept across the Channel to the continent. I asked my mother, who is an avid slug/snail trapper if she ever heard about that, but it was completely new to her.

Re: Shades of Grey
Posted by: Marit (
Date: November 06, 2010 09:23AM

I found my way into Shades of Grey rather late, i e about three weeks ago (and into this fforum yesterday!), but I had to read it two times in a row - it really challenges the mind, doesn't it!

Anyway, I am wondering what the world outside the British Isles is like, as Doug tells Eddie that the fallen man landed about 13 years previously and, as some of you have written, the killer swans may well be aeroplanes. I've missed the infomercials from National colour that geg wrote about, but it makes sense to think that the fallen man ejected himself from one of those. Come to think of it, nothing says that the swans come from outside the world they know. Perhaps Head Office has a hidden airfield somewhere?

My theory is that the Something That Happened was some kind of giant bomb blast that was so bright that it changed people's eyesight. Their pupils had to shrink to protect them from the bright light, and thus most people lost their night vision. The loss of the ability to see the full colour spectrum may have been a side effect, which has been used by the people that seized power to stay in power. What do you think?

Oh, and one more SPOILER ALERT thing: Even if Eddie and Jane are officially complementary colours, are they really? I mean, it is obvious that Mr deMauve has bribed the Colourman, so it is possible (not to say probable) that she really is grey or even some other colour than green, isn't it?

Enough thoughts for now.

Re: Shades of Grey
Posted by: MuseSusan (
Date: November 06, 2010 03:50PM

Come to that, if they're complementary, that doesn't necessarily mean they are exactly 180 apart in hue, does it? Eddie is very firmly in the Red, but Jane has slightly more Blue than Yellow. But why necessarily divide up the color wheel on exactly those lines? If the divisions were shifted by a few degrees, Jane and Eddie might end up falling into categories that were not complementary (although other people who were currently not complementary would become complementary of course).

Re: Shades of Grey
Posted by: geg (
Date: November 07, 2010 07:54PM

Infomercials still available here and well worth a watch


Re: Shades of Grey
Posted by: Marit (
Date: November 10, 2010 09:30PM

Thanks, geg. Somehow I'd missed them.

Re: Shades of Grey
Posted by: annie (
Date: January 26, 2011 10:03AM

Don't forget the all the school references..
Prefects, Monitors, Uniforms.
Not to mention (but I will anyway) the schoolish euphemisms of "You Know" and "Thingying"

Re: Shades of Grey
Posted by: steeljam (
Date: February 27, 2011 01:28AM

Never really needed a spork.
From my time in the scouts the important thing was a knife and a spoon.
We didn't give the device a name but we all sharpened one side of a spoon to create a cutting edge. It worked very well.
A knoon or a spife?

Joint winner Colouring Competition 2007
and outright winner of the 3 time winner of the Ffestival Dodo Feeding competition.
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Re: Shades of Grey
Posted by: trixbrix (
Date: March 26, 2011 04:04PM

Nearly finished SOG. I am now finding it quite 'dark'. The towers, the spoons, dead people under the road. I am of the age to remember the second world war! I have had to stop for a moment.
There must have been a nuclear war for the eye sight to be as it is. The supposed re-booting of people who did not meet normality.
The barcoding on the left hand, the tattooing of a post-code. The post codes are actual post codes in England and it is genuine class distinction.
The Royals being purple, the working class being grey. Don't step out of line or else.
Cannot wait to finish it and read Jasper Ffordes other books to compare.

Re: Shades of Grey
Posted by: gookledegob (
Date: March 28, 2011 07:54PM

I guess a menage a trois would work as a triadic or split-complementary scheme...

are these condoned?

Re: Shades of Grey
Posted by: geg (
Date: March 30, 2011 01:59PM


Second one down

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