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Re: Earworms
Posted by: MistyCat (
Date: January 20, 2011 08:41PM

Ma na ma na (Doo doo, doo-doo-doo)

Ma na ma na (Doo doo, doo-doo)

Re: Earworms
Posted by: Marit (
Date: January 21, 2011 05:43AM

The theme from the Muppet show, right?

I had to check out the Wombles, by the way, as I hadn't heard of them. Such brilliant songs! I haven't been to Wimbledon Common since 1988, but I don't remember seeing any wombles there then. Probably out on a gig somewhere...

Re: Earworms
Posted by: Marit (159.190.251.---)
Date: January 21, 2011 11:05AM

And for the past few hours "Underground, overground, wombling free. The Wombles of Wimbledon Common are we." has been stuck in my head. If I ever doubted the persistence of Wombles' earworms, I don't anymore!

Re: Earworms
Posted by: xmorpheus (86.47.144.---)
Date: January 21, 2011 11:47AM

MuseSusan Wrote:
> Is it possible you were eradicated by the
> ChronoGuard, and only restored recently? That
> would explain your perception of being all
> alone--you were in an alternate timeline in which
> none of us existed!

Well if anyone was eradicated, it was all of you. I never left......... :)

Re: Earworms
Posted by: xmorpheus (86.47.144.---)
Date: January 21, 2011 11:49AM

I think I have an ironic earworm.

Is it ironic to have the Spitting Image Chicken Song stuck in your head when it was supposed to be a satire on the prevalence of annoying songs at the time?

Hoooooollllllddddd a chicken in the air
Stick a deckchair up your nose....

Re: Earworms
Posted by: CannibalRabbit (
Date: January 21, 2011 12:32PM

... paint your left knee green...

At least the Wombles should clean-up behind themselves. I have a feeling that Spitting Image will not!

Re: Earworms
Posted by: SkidMarks (62.6.182.---)
Date: January 21, 2011 12:49PM

Although there was always

"Dirty old macintosh danglin' free
The flasher of Wimbledon Common is he..."

I will stop there.

Re: Earworms
Posted by: PrinzHilde (
Date: January 21, 2011 03:01PM

(wu wu wu wu) I believe in you (dum diddely dum diddely dum dum dum dum)

- that's Daniel Lanois/Black Dub, if you don't know it. Highly addictive, and my favorite radio station has been running it multiple times a day for the last few weeks.

Re: Earworms
Posted by: xmorpheus (86.47.144.---)
Date: January 21, 2011 03:19PM

...and I have NO idea why, but the tune has now changed to "every sperm is saaaacred, every sperm is greaaaaatttt"

Re: Earworms
Posted by: Marit (
Date: January 21, 2011 09:11PM

SkidMarks, I'm glad I didn't see him either back in 1988!

Re: Earworms
Posted by: xmorpheus (86.47.144.---)
Date: January 31, 2011 12:28PM

Watched "Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll" last night so now have a bizarre combination of (surprisingly) "Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll" which keeps segue-ing into "You will always find me in the kitchen at parties" as some of the bassline seems to be very similar......

Re: Earworms
Posted by: bunyip (
Date: February 09, 2011 01:55AM

You people are lucky - I've got Sinatra singing 'Chattanooga Shoe shine Boy' and I don't like Sinatra.

Before that it was a piece of Vivaldi with mandolins and recorder. Very pleasant.

I am attempting to generate Bach's Brandenberg 4 first movement at present but its not sticking.

Re: Earworms
Posted by: MuseSusan (
Date: February 09, 2011 04:54AM

For some reason I always get the third movement of that concerto stuck in my head, but never the first even though I know it pretty well.

Re: Earworms
Posted by: Violetmoon (
Date: February 09, 2011 08:20PM

Thank you for not saying you don't like Chattanooga, but I'm impressed that you can spell it correctly. Won't ask you to pronounce it, as we can tell when we have new people on the news channels as they say it quite wrong.

I keep getting Christmas tunes in my head, and I'm not sure where they are coming from. I think my subconscious is refusing to acknowledge the correct date.

Re: Earworms
Posted by: Marit (
Date: February 10, 2011 07:49PM

The mention of Christmas tunes reminds me that from September to November, I couldn't get "Gören portarna höga" by Gunnar Wennerberg out of my head, and kept singing it in the car. It is not really a Christmas song, but for some reason, it is usually sung around Christmas in Sweden. I don't think it is very well known outside Sweden and I couldn't find the whole song for you anywhere, but I found a sample at []

Oh, it just stuck in my head again!

Re: Earworms
Posted by: bunyip (
Date: February 14, 2011 01:47AM

Sorry - been struck by an old joke

A man on the train to Chattanooga had his footwear savaged by a feline. When he told the porter the porter went and got a moggy at the station, and went to the man and said: (altogether now) 'Pardon me sir, is that the cat who chewed your new shoes.....'

(PS: I have been officially diagnosed with Acquired Brain Injury Syndrome and am on medication for it. Sometimes the little white, yellow, blue, mild green and more white pills don't seem to be doing their job. So I refuse to accept responsibility for my actions.)

Re: Earworms
Posted by: Bonzai Kitten (
Date: February 14, 2011 01:51PM

This is stuck in my head. Has been, on and off for days. NOT a favourite song, I hasten to add.

"Look into my eyes,
Can't you see they're open wide;
Would I lie to you, baby, Would I lie to you.
Don't you know it's true,
Girl there's no-one else but you;
Would I lie to you, baby
Would I lie to yoooou.

Everybody wants to know the truth,
In my arms is the only proof,
I've hidden my heart behind the bedroom door,
Now it's open I can't do no more...

I'm tellin' you baby, you will never find another girl,
in this heart of miiiiiiiine...

Look into my eyes,
can't you see they're open wide... (etc)"

Now everyone can suffer along with me.

Part time Quantum Elephant hollower

Re: Earworms
Posted by: Violetmoon (
Date: February 14, 2011 02:43PM

Bunyip, I have a question for you. How can I have been raised in Chattanooga and have not ever, in 40+ years, have EVER heard that joke?

Oh Dear.

My sympathies to you for your acquired injury. At least you have an excuse. I'd suggest you fire the little pills and put out a "help wanted" sign, but good help is hard to find lately. Better the devil you know, I suppose.

I accept full responsibility for my actions, and hope that some of them will net me some money.

Re: Earworms
Posted by: Violetmoon (
Date: February 14, 2011 02:46PM


BK, thanks for the additional suffering, and you have a *lovely* voice... would I lie to you?


Re: Earworms
Posted by: bunyip (
Date: February 17, 2011 02:02AM

Thank you VM,

Although I have been recently diagnosed with ABIS I can honestly say that I have been intellectually erratic since birth, and probably before that. In a regression therapy rebirthing event all I could think of was that the lining of mum's birth canal was similar to the linen textured wallpaper favoured in the late 50s/early 60s.

I think that the damage was done when she overcooked me as I was a more than 10 months baby.

The Acquired title just gives me a formal excuse as the accidents were 40 years ago and I still liked the Goons, TIFH, Round the Horne/Beyond Our Ken, ISIRTA, Monty Python, Hitchhikers, etc.

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