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Re: Earworms
Posted by: geg (
Date: October 03, 2011 08:58AM

"I do do things I do I do, I do do things I do."

Re: Earworms
Posted by: old boiler (
Date: October 03, 2011 11:03AM

Try The Police

No. 5 in the charts 13/12/1980

De do do do, de da da da

Re: Earworms
Posted by: Marit (
Date: October 04, 2011 11:06AM

I would never have thought there were so many songs about dodos...

Re: Earworms
Posted by: annie (164.53.222.---)
Date: October 05, 2011 02:40AM

I have just finished reading, actually listening to, Stephen Fry's autobiography "The Fry Chronicles" where he suggests that the three witches scene from "Macbeth" can be sung to the tune of "Hark the Herald Angels Sing".

...When shall we three meet again
In thunder, lighting or in rain
When the hurly burly's done
When the battle's lost and won...

Re: Earworms
Posted by: Violetmoon (
Date: October 10, 2011 09:23PM


Thanks, Gary. 'Preciate that.

Nice to meet you, probably won't never forget your name....

Re: Earworms
Posted by: bunyip (
Date: October 19, 2011 04:44AM

I know a very annoying one - to Republicans anyway,.

It goes:

'God save our noble queen.....'

It's not as much fun as 'Advance Australia Fare"

Re: Earworms
Posted by: CannibalRabbit (
Date: October 20, 2011 10:54AM

Or the slightly more food focussed "Advance Australian Fayre"

Whips up a batch of kangaroo and eucalyptus pies - marked "S" for Skippy.

Re: Earworms
Posted by: old boiler (
Date: October 20, 2011 11:02AM

Earworm alert.....looloo skip to the loo, loo loo skip to the loo

Re: Earworms
Posted by: bunyip (
Date: October 21, 2011 04:55AM

Now to sadistically add another:

Paddy Roberts

Merry Christmas you suckers,
You miserable men,
That old festive season is with you again,
You’ll be spending your money on cartloads of junk,
And from here to new year you’ll be drunk as a skunk.

Merry Christmas you suckers,
It’s perfectly clear,
That you fall for it all a bit sooner each year,
If it goes on like this you will find pretty soon,
That you’re singing “White Christmas” as early as June.

This Christmas card racket,
Will cost you a packet,
Each season it seems to expand,
The cards are so clever,
Though nothing whatever,
To do with the subject in hand

You’ll be taking the kids round to multiple stores,
To be frightened to death by some old Santa Claus,
Then its parties with spirits and vino and beer,
Merry Christmas you suckers,
And a happy new year.

Merry Christmas you suckers,
You bleary-eyed lot,
You’ll never get rid of that headache you’ve got,
But I hope you feel splendid you certainly should,
With your stomachs distended with turkey and pud.’

Merry Christmas you suckers,
Jump into your cars,
Roar off to your neighbours,
To sink a few jars,
Though your vision is double just keep smiling through,
There are others in trouble a lot worse than you.

Beyond any question acute indigestion,
Will plague you and make you unwell,
You won’t take the warning,
You’ll wake up each morning,
Undoubtedly feeling like hell,

But stick to it suckers,
Go swallow a pill,
For this is the season of peace and goodwill,
While we patiently wait for that nuclear blast…
Merry Christmas you suckers, it may be your last.

You can find it on a Google search but as a senior citizen my knowledge doesn't extend far enough to put in the link.

Re: Earworms
Posted by: MartinB (
Date: October 21, 2011 06:44PM

bunyip: To put in links, use BBCode, like so: [ url= ]fflavour text here[ /url ] without spaces between the [ and ] becomes fflavour text here. :)

'We're all mad here. I'm mad, you're mad." [said the Cat.]
"How do you know I'm mad?" said Alice.
"You must be," said the Cat, "Or you wouldn't have come here."
- Lewis Carroll, Alice's Adventures In Wonderland

Re: Earworms
Posted by: Violetmoon (
Date: October 21, 2011 08:56PM

... or click in the address line of the page you want to link to, which usually starts with "http://www" followed by a long string of letters/numbers/symbols.
Highlight/select the whole thing, probably by triple-clicking or by clicking and holding at the beginning and sliding along to the end.
Copy (by either right-clicking and selecting "copy" or by pressing "Ctrl" and holding key and then pressing "C" key, then let go of both keys).
Then paste in text area where you want it to show up, and paste by either right-clicking and selecting "paste", or by pressing "Ctrl" and "V" as described above for copy.

This concludes our computer class for today. Please return to your regularly scheduled madness. Thank you.

Re: Earworms
Posted by: PrinzHilde (
Date: October 21, 2011 10:26PM

Strangly, today I gave a short presentation about software ergonimcs to a computer class. I think BBCode won't go very far in terms of self descriptivness...

Re: Earworms
Posted by: bunyip (
Date: October 22, 2011 03:48AM

Thanks one and all for your lesson in internet fandoogeling.

Ii will try to save this in a safe place and then not forget where I put it .......

Re: Earworms
Posted by: MistyCat (
Date: October 22, 2011 04:39AM

Here, have some more.
As MartinB said (or perhaps strongly implied), the spaces are in there so that the control characters (the square brackets) say rather than do.

[ b ]bolded text[ /b ] bolded text

[ i ]italicized text[ /i ] italicized text

[ i ][ b ]bold italics[ /b ][ /i ] bold italics

[ u ]underlined text[ /u ] underlined text

[ s ]strikethrough text[ /s ] strikethrough text

[ quote ]quoted text[ /quote ]
quoted text

[ color=red ]Red Text[ /color ] Red Text

So, should you feel the need for
quoted bold underlined strikethrough green italic text
(as you do), then you have the power.

Sorry I managed to get only a little bit off topic. That last line is getting fairly close to being an eyeworm.

Don't get too carried away.

Re: Earworms
Posted by: SkidMarks (62.6.182.---)
Date: March 06, 2012 01:04PM

Re: Earworms
Posted by: bunyip (
Date: April 11, 2012 04:54AM

Just re-read this BBC piece and thought about the point that a good memory is a survival trait. It may be.

But what is the survival value of remembering the words to "I'm Walking backwards for Christmas"?

Re: Earworms
Posted by: SkidMarks (
Date: July 12, 2012 10:21PM

I've just returned from Jasper's book signing in Birmingham and he talked about mind worms. Does this deserve a new thread or should they feature here?

He mentioned "Heavy Plant Crossing" signs. Who doesn't think of a Triffid?

"Slow children Ahead" Is that politically incorrect?

My own favourite is "This door is alarmed". I feel it my duty to find out who or what traumatised a door.

P.S. Going to a signing/reading dressed as Mrs. Danvers is guaranteed to get you a seat, with plenty of space around you. It would probably work with other authors but I will stick to Mr. Fforde's tour. Su (a.k.a. mrs. SkidMarks) went to the Manchester event similarly dressed.

edited to add final sentence

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 07/13/2012 08:43AM by SkidMarks.

Re: Earworms
Posted by: geg (
Date: July 12, 2012 11:40PM

Brilliant - been trying to get OB to go to a book signing dressed as Mrs D.; hope this does the trick!

Caution Horses.

Re: Earworms
Posted by: OB (
Date: July 13, 2012 09:01AM

Talking of signs how about " Mobile Kebabs " : makes my mind work overtime every time I pass it at the roadside.

Re: Earworms
Posted by: bunyip (
Date: July 20, 2012 04:56AM

i used to get worried about "Road Up" signs, but I usaually laughed at 'Men Working'signs when one saw several men standing around one worker who was in a pose of excavating dirt form a hole.

I still remember that in about 1980 someone painted "Jesus saves' on the side of the flyover where the Richmond road crossed the west road that becomes the M4. It was 30 - 40 feet above the carriageway. A few days later somone had added 'but Moses invests'

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