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subject headings
Posted by: dave (
Date: May 16, 2003 02:10PM

taken shamelessly from a LJ that I read

new subject headings from the Library of Congress:


Boating with Cats anyone? Elk Watching? Photography of the Blind?

[note, photography *of* the blind. There is a subject heading for Photography *by* the visually impaired...]

fantastic. I love libraries.

Re: subject headings
Posted by: Carla (198.179.227.---)
Date: May 16, 2003 02:49PM

Boating with cats will be a hit with people in this fforum!

Re: subject headings
Posted by: dave (
Date: May 16, 2003 03:39PM

That's why I included it...

Boating with Dogs was another heading...

Re: subject headings
Posted by: jon (
Date: May 16, 2003 03:43PM

Oh, I done that. Mia didn't want to know, but Bob swaggered about the boat very nautically. We had little lifejackets for them ... they never fell in, but the jackets had very useful handles on top, which meant we could carry a dog about in each hand like a pair of briefcases if we felt so inclined. Very handy.

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I am very interested in the Universe. I am specialising in the Universe and everything surrounding it. - E. L. Wisty

Re: subject headings
Posted by: dave (
Date: May 16, 2003 03:58PM

I need one of those for eddie..

Re: subject headings
Posted by: Auntysassy (
Date: May 16, 2003 07:49PM

Weidenfeld & Nicolson have published a book called Dancing with Cats - must get hold of a copy. Would love to know what it's classified as.

Re: subject headings
Posted by: Sarah (
Date: May 16, 2003 08:33PM

I wouldn't trust Minsky on a boat. He'd probably work out how to steer it!


That which does not kill us makes us stranger.
(Llewelyn the dragon, Ozy and Millie)


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