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Loose ends (Spoiler)
Posted by: Cathy De Moor (
Date: March 01, 2005 11:52PM

Oh my god! I'm really sad to come to the end of Something Rotten! You know what it's like, you like the book... you love the book.. you read faster & faster to find out just what it was you wanted to know.. THEN.. Bam! It's the end of the book, but that's ok, becuse there are tantalising details that have not been resolved. But in the case of Something Rotten, they're ALL resolved! What a bummer! Everyone I talk to has come to the same conclusion - this is how the conversation goes: 'I've just finished reading the last book (or if they know what i'm talking about, Something Rotten) in the series of books I've been reading and every single loose end is tied up, what d'ya think that means? (hopefully)'
'Well, it's obvious, it's the LAST BOOK'!!!
Annoyed fed up! Only put spoiler in the title in case I let something slip.. which i'm liable to do!! But looking back, I didn't - not this time, perhaps in another world, I did..

Re: Loose ends (Spoiler)
Posted by: poetscientistdrinker (
Date: March 03, 2005 12:27AM

Don't worry. Word on the page is that there will be plenty more TN books, but as one-offs. Lots of points to go jumping in and out - it's only the major story-arc that got tied off, not all the sub-plots.



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Re: Loose ends (Spoiler)
Posted by: A. Salieri (
Date: March 03, 2005 09:01PM

There are some things that haven't been resolved:

1. Will 'thals ever be recognized as people?
2. What ever happened to that nice Lavoisier fellow?
3. When will Thurs. be God Emperor of the Universe?
4. What's up with the lobsters from the future?
5. Is Mrs. Parke-Laine-Next (Friday's future daughter in law) also Spike's kid?
6. When did the UK become a republic? (And therefore have Nextian history diverge from ours...)

See--yeah, I know it's all trivial stuff, but it's fun to ponder!!

Best Regards,

Re: Loose ends (Spoiler)
Posted by: Barefoot Andy (195.188.86.---)
Date: March 04, 2005 10:15AM

"3. When will Thurs. be God Emperor of the Universe?"

or, come to that, a man for 24 hours

add to the list:

7. Will anyone remember about Aornis?
8. Where is felix8?
9. Which other Hades will Thursday defeat?

Turn the silliness to eleven!

Re: Loose ends (Spoiler)
Posted by: BelanaTorres (
Date: October 16, 2005 01:54PM

I agree, there's still so much left to be resolved, and I do NOT think that this can be the last book. And then, I'd also like to know whatever happens to Friday (what will his next real words be? how does he end up to be the head of the ChronoGuard) and Tuesday.

Re: Loose ends (Spoiler)
Posted by: tieff (
Date: October 16, 2005 03:27PM

A. Salieri asked:
6. When did the UK become a republic?

Surely that was after the war when George Formby was elected non-executive president for life?
Question 10:
Why didn't Thursday's third child attend Granny Next's demise?

Re: Loose ends (Spoiler)
Posted by: Branfish (
Date: October 20, 2005 12:26AM

"9. Which other Hades will Thursday defeat?"

I think we can be fairly certain it's Phlegathon, since Acheron was described and the third-most-evil, Aornis as the second-most-evil, and Phlegathon as the most-evil.


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~ Mr. Nutty

Re: Loose ends (Spoiler)
Posted by: RookeeAlding (68.208.65.---)
Date: April 10, 2007 11:51PM

I've reread the book knowing what I do know and I have to say Mr. Fforde really sets us a lot. Just reread them with an air of what you learned in this book and you start asking yourself stuff that is sure..or not so sure to be in the next book.

Personally I love the part where the plotsmith says something about a cars blowing up in detective stories and in this book....well if you've read it you see it..

and some of the set ups are soooo sly..


by the way...I've been convicted of Gramatical Homicide, and charged 18 years to life, so don't bother telling me about all the spelling mistakes. It's already on my record.

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