Daily Mail
Review of Lost in a Good Book
By Amber Pearson
28th June 2002
Imagine a world, strangely similar to our own, where Wales is a republic, the Crimean Wra ended in 1985, croquet is an international sport, and mammoths are alive and thriving. In this world lives Thursday Next, literary detective extraordinaire, who - fresh from rescuing a kidanpped Jane Eyre - must now save her husband. Oh, and stop the world turning into pink goo. Aided by her time-travelling father and Dickens' Miss Havisham, she must do battle with the sinister Goliath Corporation and a mysterious stranger who seems determined she should die. Still, it's nice to think there is a place where the discovery of a Shakespearean play can swing a general election...

This is Thursday Next's second outing and, like it's predeccessor the Eyre Affair, it's a wonderful mixture of the literary and the very silly.