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Voices From The Vaults Review
Sept 5th 2004
The Well of Lost Plots
Review by Sue Gedge .
Jasper Fforde's third 'Thursday Next' novel THE WELL OF LOST PLOTS was published on 1st July, and once again, I can't recommend this author too highly. No---Jasper Fforde's not really a Gothic writer---but Dracula Society members need to be aware that 'The Count' makes a superb cameo appearance in this book, in a context which will astound and amuse you---I can't really say any more than that, or it will spoil the surprise. Anyone who loves literature, humour, sci-fi, puns, surrealism, witty puzzles and Monty Python should go crazy for this book----and one of the lovely things about Jasper is the way he engages with his growing body of fans through his web site, his puzzles and competitions, and through his personal appearances. For example, last year, I sent him a copy of my review from VOICES of 'The Eyre Affair', and received in return a delightful letter and a goodie bag of stuff related to the brilliant alternative reality depicted in the novels. He promised me that 'Spike' Stoker will be making another appearance in the fourth book of the series, and also informed me that he has written a number of creaky, Gothic short stories with all the necessary crypts, tombs and cobwebs. These have, hitherto, remained unpublished---I feel that he must be persuaded to join us all in the Library at the Victoria to give one or two of these an airing! (N.B A Dracula Society link-----Mr Fforde also worked as a focus puller on QUILLS, and so well remembers Tina's work in the film! I believe that he said something about her participation being difficult to miss----if you've seen QUILLS, you may understand. Tina, by the way, is due to appear as a boggart in Harry Potter 3, and she's probably getting tired of my asking 'Have you met Gary Oldman yet?' )

You can go straight to TN3 (as we afficiandos call THE WELL OF LOST PLOTS), but, if you're not familiar with Jasper Fforde's work, you might find it useful to start with TN1 (The Eyre Affair), and TN2 (Lost in a Good Book.) But wherever you start, I find it hard to believe you'll disappointed. A brilliant, scintillating novel.