Thursday's car:
You did that to a Porsche?!

lizard car

For the answer to 'You did that to a Porsche!?' the answer has to be no. I've always thought that the 356 is probably the most beautiful car ever designed (along with the Bugatti 35B, 'D' type Jaguar and Hudson Hornet) and since a real one is well out of my price range, I bought this replica speedster in 1995 and rebuilt it using an old 1959 beetle chassis. The car has behaved faultlessly ever since, taking me on a 60,000 mile and six year partnership in all weathers before I started writing for a living and consequently did a lot less driving. I'd always had this secret desire to reptilicate the speedster but it took the publication of The Eyre Affair to goad me into action. The first thing to do was to strip off all the chromey bits and fill any holes with pudding before rubbing the whole car down with wet and dry sandpaper. (To move to the next step, click HERE.)

A Chesil Speedster. Built in Dorset, UK. Quite a machine.
For a link to Chesil's website, Click HERE

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