Thursday's car:
You did that to a Porsche?!

lizard mask

The next step was a liberal grey primer followed by more wet and dry sandpaper. Then, the Reptile itself. This was made out of cardboard template and bent round the car, something which is a lot more difficult than it seems. A hexagon won't fit on a curved surface so the reptiles get progressively smaller at the corners - something I had to do freehand. BUT try as I might, I could not make them match all the way round. With time not in my favour, I reluctantly cheated by having the pattern break down on the driver's side rear door panel. If ever I do it again, I will have someone with a brain the size of the Mekon map it all on a computer. Masking was next, with Mari and I using miles of the stuff. First colour was red and here we see the reptiles masked.

red masking

Here we see the red sprayed on and the masking pulled off to reveal something that looks almost nothing like the finished project. When the paint was dry we remasked and sprayed the next colour. (To move to the next step, click HERE.)

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