Ten Things You Never
Knew About Jasper:

(and never thought to ask)
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He doesn't like okra


Something Jasper doesn't much care for.

Yuck. And possibly courgette and aubergine as well. Other than that, I'll eat most things and, having suffered film catering for over eighteen years, probably have done. On one memorable occasion in Argentina on the staggeringly indifferent Highlander II we were given horse instead of steak due to budgetary constraints (for 'budgetary constraints' read 'pocketing the difference'). As I recall, it was very good. The Onion caterers (Cockney rhyming slang for Argentineans: Onion Bhaji - Argie) weren't big on vegetables or salads. Any crew member who was found to have a carrot in their possession would be expected to share it amongst 175 people.
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