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Thursday Next
010: Picture of a cow.
Last updated: June 12th 1988
A picture of a cow
Another 'mistaken' release of confidential material, this SO-5 picture of a cow emerged two months ago and dates from a time in late 1985 when SO-5 were conducting research into entropic failure. After studying this picture for some time, we concluded that there appeared to be something written on the cow's hide. Since the pattern of black and white fur on cows is fairly random, we suspected a mischevious entropic lapse. The word reads either 'AORMS' or 'AORNS'. This relates to Thursday because we know that she was interviewed by SO-5 several times in the weeks before she vanished in 1985. She was also nearly struck by a falling Hispano-Suiza Automobile - enough of an entropic lapse for anyone.
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