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Thursday Next
007: Dictionary entry
(Discovered 1988).
Last updated: June 12th 1988
007 Dictionary entry (Discovered 1987).
Thursday Next appears as an entry in the Swindon Smaller improved larger pocket dictionary (abridged). No one admits to having placed it. If you have a copy of the dictionary you can look at it for yourself. Although we can assume safely that "Myc & Ply" means "Mycroft and Polly", the rest is difficult to anylyse. It has been surmised by experts on the outer edge of respectability that Mycroft Next might have taken refuge in the Sherlock Holmes series. If so, this might shed light on the manner in which Thursday entered Jane Eyre in the first place. 'Percent Solution' probably refers to The Seven Percent Solution, a sequel written in 1975 by Nicholas Meyer and is well worth a read. If this is so Mycroft might have been forced to appear in a sequel - perhaps against his will. Mind you, the whole dictionary entry might be a hoax, too. Time will tell, we hope.
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