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Thursday Next
The Evidence
Last updated: June 12th 1988
Laundry Ticket
The now famous 'laundry list' belonging to Miss Next that was discovered in a skip at the Finis Hotel Swindon in 1986. Only one of six known signatures, it sold at Agatha's Auctions (Tokyo) for 12,000.
The list of evidence and memorabilia for Thursday Next is not huge. It is listed here in no particular order.
image 001: Picture of Thursday with her car.
image 002: Thursday's Laundry list from Finis Hotel, Swindon 1985.
image 003: Uncle Mycroft's Splicence.
image 004: Invoice from Finis Hotel.
image 005: Picture of Thursday Next (From the Mole's archive)
image 006: Constuff Inc. 80 piece jigsaw puzzle of Thursday Next
image 007: Dictionary entry (Discovered 1988).
image 008: (New!) Derestricted SpecOps-1 Document
image 009: Postcard dating from 1950 from Polly Next to her Sister-in-law (?)
image 010: SO-5 evidence relating to coincidences.
image 011: Newspaper advert.

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