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Number 146: A Nounfish
A Nounfish swims the outer banks
A Nounfish Pisces noungobblus. The nounfish can grow up to seven feet in length, has a rainbow sheen to its flanks and is speckled with text. This fish is one of the largest predators in the Text Sea. Swimming languidly just below the surface, it aims to lure stray nouns eager to start an embryonic sentence with the indefinite article "lure" dangling in front of its snout.

Seen quite a lot by textmen aboard Scrawltrawlers, the nounfish has been known to leap clean out of the Text Sea in its eagerness to pursue a nouny snack. Tales of 'Old Noggin', a seventy foot giant of a nounfish are regarded as textmen's tales, and have not been substantiated.

Of no real consequence to the BookWorld in general, the nounfish was studied at length in order to see how it broke down nouns into usable food; a technology that is partly used in Eraserheads (see glossary).

Breeding habits: Unknown.
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