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Bloophole: Term used to describe a narrative hole by the author that renders his/her work seemingly impossible. An unguarded Bloophole may not cause damage for millions of readings but then, quite suddenly and catastrophically, the book may unravel itself in a very dramatic fashion. Hence the Jurisfiction saying: 'A switch in a line can save a lot of time'.

Boojum: Term used to describe the total annihilation of a word/line/ character/subplot/book/series. Complete and irreversible, the nature of a boojum is still the subject of some heated speculation. Some past members of Jurisfiction theorise that a Boojum might be a gateway to an 'anti-library' somewhere beyond the 'imagination horizon'. It is possible that the semi-mythical Snark may hold the key to decipher what is, at present, a mystery.

Bookies The annual BookWorld awards were instigated in 1063 years (Outlander Time) and for the first two hundred years were dominated by Aeschylus and Homer who won most of the awards in the thirty or so categories. Following the expansion in fiction and the inclusion of the oral tradition, categories totalled two hundred by 1423 OT. Technical awards were introduced twenty years later and included 'Most used english word' and the 'Most widely mispelt word' witch has remained a contentious subject ever since. By 1879 OT there were over six hundred categories but neither the length of the awards nor the vote-rigging scandal in 1964 OT has dented the popularity of this glittering occasion - it will remain one of the BookWorld's most popular fixtures for years to come.

Book Operating Systems The operating sytem that runs every book from within using a system of ImaginoTransference to project the author's ideas into pictures within the reader's head. The first system used was OralTrad, upgraded ten thousand years later by the rhyming (for easier recall) OralTradPlus. For thousands of years this was the only Story Operating System and is still in use today. The system branched in two about twenty thousand years ago; on one side with CaveDaubPro, (fore-runner of PaintPlusV2.3, GrecianUrnV1.2, SculptMarble V1.4, and the latest, all- encompassing SuperArtisticExpression-5). The other strand, the Picto-Phonetic Storytelling Systems, started with ClayTablet V2.1 and went through several competing systems (WaxTablet, Papyrus, VellumPlus) before merging into the award winning SCROLL, which was upgraded eight times to V3.5 before being swept aside by the all new and clearly superior BOOK V1. Stable, easy to store and transport, compact and with a workable index, BOOK is still the operating system of choice. Current System in use today: V8.3.