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Character Exchange Programme: If a character from one book looks suspiciously like another from the same author, more than likely, they are. There is a certain degree of economy that runs through the bookworld and personages from one book are often asked to stand in for others. Sometimes a single character may play another in the same book, which lends a comedic tone to the proceedings if they have to talk to themselves. Margot Metroland once told me that playing the same person over and over and over again was as tiresome as: 'an actress condemned to the same part in a provincial reparatory theatre for eternity with no holiday'. After a spate of illegal pagerunning (q.v.) by bored and disgruntled bookpeople, the Character Exchange Programme was set up to allow a change of scenery. In any year there are close to ten thousand exchanges, few of which result in any major plot or dialogue infringements. The reader rarely suspects anything at all.

Cat, formerly known as Cheshire: Librarian at The Great Library. The only permanent member of Jurisfiction, the Cat used to be 'The Cheshire Cat' (see Alice in Wonderland) but they moved the County boundaries, so he is now the 'Unitary Authority of Warrington Cat'. With an encyclopaedic knowledge of the library, the Cat is well placed to assist Jurisfiction operatives in their work within the BookWorld. Member of the TravelBook Advancement Committee.