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JurisTech: Popular retraction of Jurisfiction Technological Division. This R&D company works exclusively for JurisFiction and is financed by the Council of Genres through Text Grand Central. Due to the often rigourous and specialised tasks undertaken by Prose Resource Operatives, JurisTech is permitted to build gadgets deemed outside the usual laws of physics - the only department (aside from the SF genre) licensed to do so. The standard item in a PRO's manifest is the TravelBook (q.v.) which itself contains other JurisTech designs like the Martin-Bacon Eject-O-Hat, MV Mask, Textmarker, String, and Textual Sieves of various porosity, to name but a few.

Jurisfiction is the name given to the policing agency that works inside books. Under a remit from the Council of Genres and working with the intelligence gathering capabilities of Text Grand Central, the Prose Resource Operatives at Jurisfiction comprise a mixed bag of characters, most drawn from the ranks of fiction but some, like Harris Tweed, Mrs Nakajima and most recently, Thursday Next, from the Outland. Problems in Fiction are noticed by 'spotters' employed at Text Grand Central, and from there relayed to The Bellman, a ten-yearly elected figure who runs Jurisfiction under strict guidelines laid down by the Council of Genres. Jurisfiction has its own code of conduct, technical department, canteen, and resident washerwoman.