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Mispeling Vyrus Technical term: Speltificarious Molesworthian. Extremely strong BookWorld vyrus that whilst merely an annoyance to readers in the Outland, is a serious menace in the BookWorld. The mispeling is the effect of sense distortion, not the cause - once the internal meaning of a word starts to break down then the mispeling arises as a consequence of this. Unmispeling the word at TGC might work if the vyrus hasn't got a strong hold.

Any outbreaks must be reported to the cat on a form C-12, but most outbreaks are dealt with by the Anti-mispeling Fast Response Group based on the 17th floor. At the first sign of any deviant mispeling, thousands of dictionaries are shipped to the infected book and set up as barrages either side of the chapter. The barrage is then moved in, paragraph by paragraph until the vyrus is forced into a single sentence, then word, then smothered completely. The Fast Response Group has been manned for many years by Well-Surplus Mrs Danvers.