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Storycode Engine The name given to the ImaginoTransference machines used by Text Grand Central to throughput the books in the great library to the readers in the Outland. On a single machine floor at TGC there are five hundred of these cast iron, shiny brass and polished mahogany colossi. A single engine can cope with up to a thousand simultaneous readings of the same book at up to six words per second per reader. With a hundred similar floors, TGC is able to handle fifty million different readings, although the lowest thirty floors are generally only used when a long-awaited best-seller is published. Using the UltraWord system, only twelve engines would be needed to handle up to one hundred million simultaneous readings at speeds of up to twenty words per second. For more about UltraWord, read The Well of Lost Plots.

Solomon, The Judgement of. The "Judgement of Solomon" Conciliation and decision-making service is one of the oldest established companies in the BookWorld. The service has always been legally and morally binding within fiction, and Solomon (Judgements) Inc. franchises have opened in almost every genre. Solomon franchisees are given training, cloak and (optional) beard and are beyond corruption - the standard punishment for a deviant Solomon is to be smitten from on high and forced to spend a painful eternity being tortured mercilessly by sadistic demons from the fieriest depths of Hell. In 1986 a branch opened in the Outland, located in Swindon.