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Zhark, Emperor. The Emperor Zhark is the undisputed star of the 'Zharkian Empire' series of SF novels, written and published in the seventies. Zhark himself is a Jurisfiction agent, and when not dominating the galaxy with extreme violence and riding roughshod over the rights of millions of peaceful lifeforms on a thousand star-systems, he is partnered with Jurisfiction agent Mrs Tiggy-Winkle. Full agent from 1986, Zhark was partnered with Thursday Next during The Great Samuel Pepys Fiasco of 1987. He now runs the SF policing agency with Gully Foyle.

Note: The "Galactic Cleansing" policy undertaken by Emperor Zhark is a personal vision of the Emperor's, and his inclusion in this book does not constitute tacit approval by Jurisfiction or The Council of Genres for any such projects, howsoever undertaken.