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Thursday Next
Links to other sites
Last updated: June 12th 1988
Welcome to the links page.
Please click on the link below for more information on topics covered in this site.
The Bronte Federation Homepage
Stories and chat, competitions and late-breaking news
Site devoted to harmless drudge who claims to have, in his possession, a first-hand account of the adventure known as 'The Eyre Affair'. A deluded fool. Best to ignore.
Goliath Corporation Homepage
'A friend worth keeping' is Goliath's slogan this week. 'Cots to Coffins' is the mandatory downloadable Docuganda. Comprehensive site for the world's number one favourite conglomerate.
SpecOps HomePage
The Special Operations Network's own site. Limited resource but a step in the right direction for freedom of information.
Toast marketing Board
Our sponsors. Please visit for recipes, details of hundreds of toasters now on the market and a ratings guide for sliced bread. Online poll: The nation's favourite: Granary or Wholemeal?
Pickwick's Cavalcade of Fun
A host of Nextian games and time-wasters to enthrall and delight.
The mammoth migration homepage
Since reengineerment mammoths have become something of a national pest as well as a national emblem. Follow the Berwick-upon-Tweed to Cornwall mammoth migrations with this site and also learn about insurance against property damage caused by large semi-extinct elephantine creatures, how best to make your garden unpalatable to Proboscidea and a large SpecOps-13 database to follow your favourite mammoth.
Buttercup's own homepage
Use this site to learn more about the nation's favourite four ton behemoth! boy or girl calf? Special news on Buttercup's uneventful 22-month gestation and new tracker technology allows you to pinpoint the large and hairy matriarch to within 100 yards.
Mycroft Next Appreciation Page (Mycrotech Developments)
Comprehensive page that outlines many of this brilliant inventor's more outlandish devices, most of which were marketed after his retirement by his sons, Orville and Wilbur. Includes details of build-it-yourself retinal screensaver from parts of an old fridge and a Wurlitzer organ, recall notices for the now discredited Sarcasm early warning device and upgrades to the ChameleoCar and Car ejection seat device.
Pete and Dave's Dodo Emporium
Latest news and special offers from Swindon's premier dealers in reengineered species. All prospective purchaser must comply with current S)-13 rules and regulations.
Dodo reengineering page
Home cloning might now be banned but this page is devoted to the art of home gene splicing popular in the seventies and early eighties. News of dodos from all over the world plus reports and pictures of Pickwick, Thursday's rare V1.2 dodo now living in the Swindon extinct breed's botanical gardens
Thylacine Owner's club
Site devoted to the Thylacine or Tasmanian Wolf, reengineered in the seventies for use in medical experiments by The Goliath Corporation. News and views of this strange dog-like marsupial including details of rescue Thylacines for adoption and a whole page on DH-82, Mrs Wednesday Next's own pet.
'Name That Fruit!' Site
Official Quiz show site. For fifty years 'Name That Fruit!' has been the nation's premier quiz show. The site contains facts and figures as well as realplayer film of celebrity guests including former President George Formby and Mycroft Next.
Adrian Lush Homepage
Adrian Lush, champion of free speech, looks back on his forty year career in television. See details of his interview with Thursday Next in 1985 (subject to secrecy certificate mn36-e3) and download other interviews in text.
Toad News Network
Online news site with useful archive
The Mole Online
Online news site with useful archive but slanted in favour of the right-wing Whig party. Large anti-cheese duty supplement.
The Gad-fly Online
Online gossip sheet. If you want to know who is bonking who in showbiz, click here. (Lola Vavoom page now withdrawn after legal application)
Times and prices for the Gravitube, the world's finest and best mass transport system. Whether your trip is overmantle, subduction or deep drop, our up-to-the-minute excuse manufacturing facility will make sure that the excuse for your delay will not be in itself delayed. Booking facilities available online.
The official Lola Vavoom Website
Lola Vavoom, actress and supermodel. From her start in Name That Fruit! to her long running role as Lara Squlxz in 65, Walrus Street, Miss Vavoom is one of England's most popular actresses.
Finis Hotel Swindon
Wessex Hotel Group's Flagship hotel in Swindon has now opened room 8128 as a 'living museum' to Thursday Next and set it out as it might have looked when Miss Next stayed there in 1985 (complete with stuffed dodo).
Lydia Startright's own news page
The famed reporter for Toad News talks about her work for the networks and defends her decision to run as a New! TeaFurst MP.
President Formby for ever!
Site devoted to George Formby, beloved president of England from 1950 until his assassination by pro-whig extremists in 1988. News, reviews and a comprehensive history of the plucky Lancastrian's work as entertainer, film star, hero of the resistance and political cornerstone of post-war England.
The official Socialist Republic of Wales homepage
'Visit Wales - not always raining' goes the latest advertising slogan to promote tourism in England's socialist neighbour. From the Newport rising to the Merthyr Riots to the Rebecca protests, independence and the recent move towards the free market economy, this site has it all. Online visa applications and full details of this beautiful and unspoilt country.
Occupation Website
History and references to the Nazi occupation of England, 1942 until 1947. Roll of honour, list of war dead and in-depth analysis of English 2nd World War battle sites, including the famous Kennet & Avon brigade's defence of Kintbury bridge.
The Whig Political Party Homepage
Party political site devoted to the ruling party since 1986. Send emailed questions to Prime Minister Yorrick Kaine.
The New! Teafurst Political party Homepage
The old Teafurst party is out! The New! Teafurst Party is the party of the future! New ideals, new hairstyles and a brand new logo and colour scheme denote this party as the one to vote for!
Large type website written for neanderthals but welcome to all. Discussions about species self-determination, the class-action suit for 1 billion damages for 'extinction' against descendants of cro-magnon man, the right to hunt protected Mammoths, news on the long-running fertility dispute, online tar-pit games and a large section on powertools.
65, Walrus Street - the nation's favourite soap
Every single one of the 5,722 episodes of the globally popular 37-year-old soap opera is covered in detail. Interviews with stars of the show both serving and former and the many celebrity walk-ons which are as much a part of the show as anything else. Interesting take on episode 3356 which might have featured SpecOps agent Thursday Next.
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