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Thursday Next
009: The postcard
Last updated: June 12th 1988
The Postcard
This postcard is undated and carries no cancelling stamp. The reverse shows the Swindon synchronised swimming team in action (they were world leaders in 1949) but it can be dated more accurately by the 4d inaugural commemorative stamp depicting, in a typical pose, the then President Formby. Only 17,000 of these stamps were sold between December 1949 and January 1950, placing Thursday's birth certainly within the first two months of 1950. This makes her 35 years old at the time of what became known as 'The Eyre Affair' and 51 years old today. A sheet of 4d Formby inauguration 'turned out nice' commemoratives recently sold at Agatha's auction House (New York) for 1.2 million.
Text of postcard reads:
Dear Weds,

Hope you are recovering well and look forward to seeing you next week. How about calling the baby Thursday? Anyway, Mycroft has developed a self spellchecking postcard although he has yet to perfecct (sic) it. !!

All the best Polly xxx
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