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The Daily Toad: Proudly disseminating sensationalised rubbish since 1645. 5th Feb 2011.

Twits Say Dumb Things:
A Country United In Outrage

There was barely concealed fury yesterday when the nation's three favourite wallies were yesterday accused of saying dumb things. The cast of the BBC's Hugely Popular Top Gear programme, which is well known and greatly appreciated for the manner in which its presenters tit around in cars, have found themselves at the sharp end of a controversy in which they had been accused, unsurprisingly, of saying 'something stupid'.

"I was appalled," said an appalled person yesterday, "when I tune in to watch the hugely enjoyable spectacle of three grown men behaving without the worrisome burdens of responsibility and accountability , I don't expect them to say idiotic things, and quite frankly I am disgusted that the BBC can let professional buffoons say dumb things on television."

It is not the first time that the BBC have got into trouble for allowing hugely entertaining wallies to say the first thing that comes into their heads. Media critics point to the controversy last year when the nation's two favourite show-offs, Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand, said and did dumb things, an act that surprised no-one but left fourteen dead and most of London a smoking ruin.

"Quite frankly I am astounded that anyone takes these three clowns seriously at all," said a media pundit yesterday, "a more reasoned and adult approach might be: 'What a bunch of pratts. I know lots of Mexicans and none of them are lazy and feckless at all - Hammond must have been thinking about people from Solihull."

Josh Hatchett, reporting for The Toad.

Neil from Young Ones

Being a complete tit so we don't have to

Neil from The Inbetweeners

Probably best not taken seriously

Neil from The Inbetweeners

Taking dicking around in cars to new heights

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