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Commuters driven to buy own trains after ticket hike


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The price of second hand trains made a dramatic rise yesterday as the recent round of ticket prices make buying and running your own train a 'viable economic proposition'.

"This time last year you could buy a small locomotive for less than 1000," said a used-train industry insider, "but these days you could bid on eBay for a diesel-electric with single coach and expect to have to pay up to 4000. Since a yearly return for the Newport-Paddington run is close to 2000 after recent price increases, you could be breaking even within three years once Railtrack charges and fuel costs have been taken into consideration."

But not all cut-price trains are what they seem, because scamsters have moved into the second hand train market, and potential buyers are warned to be on the lookout.

"I paid 3500 for a surplus Virgin Pendolino," said an anonymous buyer yesterday, "the trader looked good with over nine positive feedbacks, but once I'd paid the money, the trader told me there had been an error, and the train wasn't available after all. Luckily, I'd paid by Paypal, so I got my money back

Buyers are also warned that running your own trains on the nation's network of rails was potentially dangerous without permission, even for short hops on former branch-lines, and excess speed has become an issue. Police Forces across the country are busy introducing 'pursuit trains' complete with hi-vis flashing lights to pull over anyone thought speeding.

Josh Hatchett, reporting for The Toad.

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