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Wikipedia founder becoming
annoying, webusers note

Webusers and fans of the online encyclopedia Wikipedia were last night becoming faintly annoyed by Jimmy Wales' photograph staring at them from each and every page of the popular online encyclopedia. The photograph of a reclining and relaxed Mr Wales intended to exhort users to contribute some cash, has passed the point at which it can be safely ignored.

"Most times I see an advert for Wikipedia asking for cash I simply ignore it," said an unnamed Wikipedia user laste week, "but the picture is becoming more and more smug each time I open Wikipedia to look something up - which is many times a day."

Even those who have contributed to Wikipedia's running costs are becoming annoyed by the picture of Wales and his perfectly coiffured beard and open-shirt faux-Jobs informality.

"I use Wikipedia a lot so I contributed some cash," said an author living in Wales (Not living in Jimmy, obviously, that would be Eeeoouuhh. But Wales, the nation) "And I'm beginning to start screaming whenever I see his picture. Can't they change it to a different pose, or have a picture of a kitten or something? Or even deactivate it for those who have contributed?"

Josh Hatchett, reporting for The Toad.

Jimmy Wales

Jimmy Wales: Highly respected, but becoming faintly annoying

Jimmy Wales

How Jasper thinks the campaign could be improved

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