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Early Riser is set in and around Talgarth, in mid-Wales.
Although not the Talgarth that is readily apparent to all who live there,
it is recognisable, and the journeys, walks, and geographical layout is vaguely correct.

Simply shuttle backwards and forwards to see the images.
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Southern Portal, Torpantau Tunnel.

This is the third book in which I have reversed the Beeching closures of 1963, a 'streamlining' of Britain's railways that saw half the stations closed about a third of the line. It is still talked in tutting tones in the UK today.

So the trip from Cardiff to Talgarth as undertaken by Charlie cannot now be done. Cardiff to Merthyr still works, but unless you take a taxi to the Brecon Mountain Railway and steam up to just below the other side of this tunnel, that's your lot. During my researches I found out that this was the highest standard gauge railway tunnel in the UK, and is still in very good nick.

Once you are out of this portal, there is a long and slow descent to Talybont (past the reservoir and hydro electric power station, also noted in my book) and through the junction and across to Talgarth. If you are visiting - and you must, as this is in the Brecon Beacons National Park, then waterfalls abound near this spot, and there is usually a tea van in the summer months.

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