Frequently Asked Questions

Director General Flanker answers questions emailed to him by ordinary members of the public.

Mr D.G. of Surbiton writes:
"Is it true that SpecOps safeguards the rights of the individual as never before?"

DG Flanker replies:
"Yes it is. In an independent survey carried out by GoliathPoll, Inc, nine out of ten people maintained that the Special Operations Network was a benevolent uncle and not in any way oppressive and overburdening"

Mrs F.E.. of Devizes writes:
"I heard somewhere that SpecOps is funded and run almost entirely by The Goliath Corporation. Is this true, and if so, do you not think that a country should be regulated in an open manner and not by the whim of a power-hungry and faceless multinational like Goliath?"

DG Flanker replies:
"Of course not. SpecOps is entirely independent and answers only to the democratically elected parliament. Only the other day SpecOps-23 fined the canteen at Goliath Central Offices on nine counts of our strict Mayonnaise laws. It is important that we get this straight and if you feel like being a better citizen, then you should log on to our denouncement web page."

Mr Z.X. of Gloucester writes:
"When are the workings of the 'Secret' SpecOps divisions going to be made public? I think all our governmental servants should be accountable to us, the people - and not to the Milkenlast party."

DG Flanker replies:
"Some divisions have to be kept secret for operational purposes. The inner workings of the Network could be viewed with confusion and panic by people unused to what we do. Sometimes it's better not to know, and this is a decision backed up by the upper chambers of parliament."

Director General Flanker is overall head of SpecOps from 1988. He is advisor to the president and frequently sits on executive parliamentary committees as observer. He likes children, dogs and morris dancing. For souvenir of DG Flanker photographed with deer in Richmond Park, click HERE

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