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Sons and daughters of Swindon, the famed Wiltshire town:
James Dyson Inventor of the Ball Barrel and many others but most famous for his vacumn cleaner. (Thanks to Ptolomy for this one)

Gladys Aylwood (missionary in China - they made the film Inn of the 6th Happiness about her)(Thanks to Ptolomy for this one)

Sir Michael Johnson - inventor of the waste paper basket (allegedly)(Thanks to Ptolomy for this one)

Ken White Swindon artist famous for all the Murals produced in the 80's (I think). Mate of Branson - Ken White did the Scarlet Lady thing that is on all the Virgin airliners . (Submitted by David Graham)

John Francome MBE - The Jockey chap (Submitted by David Graham)

Desmond Morris - The Naked Ape chap (Submitted by David Graham)

Diana Dors Actress.

Melinda Messinger Model and actress.

Mark LaMarr Comedian and TV presenter.

Julian Clary TV Presenter.

Supertramp 80's rock band.

Billie Piper Teen popstar.

Lola Vavoom Film star. Began career in the soap opera '65 Walrus Street' and moved to the silver screen, most notably 'My sister kept Geese' and 'The Streets of Chipping Sodbury'. Married twelve times, six of them to the same person. Current wherabouts: Unknown.

Gilbert O'Sullivan Singer songwriter. (Submitted by Gill Neal)

XTC - 80's band. (Submitted by Gill Neal)

David Hempleman-Adams Explorer who likes very cold places. (Submitted by Gill Neal)

Mabel Stranks A remarkable postmisteress who was a spy in WWII. (Submitted by Gill Neal)

Justin Hayward One of the founders of the Moody Blues and their 'voice'. (Submitted by Mike Wood)