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Haworth House threatened in reservoir scheme
The controversial 'six dams' project to supply water to the midlands has reached the advanced planning stage. If the project goes ahead the parsonage would end up submerged beneath 100' of water. A spokesman for Goliath's civilian engineering company said yesterday that plans were already in place to move the entire museum and Bronte facility to a new location in Argyllshire. For full story click HERE

Emily's diaries for sale at Agatha's
Emily's diaries are soon to be auctioned at Agatha's auction house (New York), following the refusal of the New Teafurst administration to issue an export ban. A last minute offer by the Toast Marketing Board of 1 Million pounds has been refused by the owners. For full story click HERE

New book examines the 'improved' ending to Jane Eyre.
The controversy surrounding the new ending to Jane Eyre is sure to be reawakened with the publication of Dr. Plink's new book 'Thursday Next - vandal or saint?' The 720 page volume looks at all the aspects of the strange events in 1985 which altered the ending to allow Jane and Rochester married. The book also examines new evidence to suggest that Thursday Next might have visited the book earlier and caused Rochester's horse to fall. Full story and book review click HERE

Japanese gentleman 'claims to have been to Thornfield'
Osaka, Thursday. Mr Suzuki, now aged 94, has made a fantastic claim to have visited Thornfield Hall in 1985 and actually Met Edward Rochester. He also told a Japanese TV station that he had been shown around the house by Mrs Fairfax. Mr Suzuki claims to have visited as part of a tourist package with a certain Mrs Nakijima who ran this form of Tourism in the late seventies and early eighties. He also claimed to have Met Miss Thursday Next inside the book and to have visited, on another occasion, Wuthering Heights. For more of this astonishing claim, click HERE

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