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Thursday Next
Who is she?
What did she do?
Where is she now?
Last updated: June 12th 1988
Recovered Picture of Thursday Next
Publicity still of Operative Thursday Next. One of a series of Public Relations photographs released
by SpecOps-1 between 1985 and 1989, this is the only signed copy known to be in existence.
Welcome to thursdaynext.com, the only SpecOps sanctioned Website to Special Operative 39139 Thursday E. Next.
Here at thursdaynext.com we have put together as much information about the shadowy heroine of The Eyre Affair fame as we can within the strict guidelines of the Special Operations Network. From her disputed birthdate to her disappearance in November 1985 and then to her reappearance in 1988 and her contribution to the SuperHoop '88 Croquet final, we have pieced together as much as we can. I will be adding to this site as and when I have new information, so stay tuned.
-Millon De Floss

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