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AdverText is Fiction's Leading Advertising Agency, helping you promote your goods and services within the ever-changing markets of the BookWorld.

The Jabberwock modelling a designer Tunic with matching spats by Kalvin Hobbs. Just one of the many product placement deals ADVERTEXT has arranged for clients throughout the BookWorld.
With our numerous billboard, FootNoterPhone direct mailing systems and in-book product placement deals, our creative teams have a campaign strategy that is right for you. Whatever your Genre, Whatever your product, Advertext is the agency YOU need.

Here's what satisfied customers have said about us:

"My oculist business was going to the wall until I called ADVERTEXT. Thanks to their in-book narrative inclusion campaign, I now have more clients than I know what to do with!"
- Doctor T.J. Eckleburg, The Great Gatsby.

"Poor driving skills within Juvenile Fiction were a real problem until ADVERTEXT designed the 'Watch the road or end up like Mr. Toad!' campaign. We've seen road accidents fall 23% in under a chapter."
- Ratty, Health and Safety Officer, Juvenile Fiction.

"By getting Captain Haddock to Choose Loch Lomond whisky, we've seen our sales quadruple . Thank you, ADVERTEXT!"
- Loch Lomond Fictional Whisky Distillery, WOLP.

"ADVERTEXT's PR advice really saved my bacon when I murdered my wife - If ever I consider killing the current ball-and-chain, I'll be sure to consult ADVERTEXT first!"
- Max DeWinter, Mandalay, Rebecca.

You can speak to one of our many highly-trained and motivated creative personnel at ADVERTEXT
(Formerly Munchausen, Pinnochio, Mitty & Mitty) by picking up your FootNoterPhone NOW and asking for ADVERTEXT.

Whatever your Genre, Whatever your product,

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AdverText, Inc will not be held responsible for any narrative or plot diversions howsoever caused. AdverText does not itself sponsor any products, and the Public Relations work undertaken for the Emperor Zhark in no way condones or approves of his policy of total Galactic Domination .