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Number 87: A Verbisoid
A Verbisoid in Stripy Socks
The Verbisoid Verbisauroidus stripysoxus Young female pictured. Individuals can reach up to 2' at the shoulder. Grey in colour, the verbisoid is something like a bat, something like a lizard, something like a vulture and nothing like a guinea-pig. It has razor sharp fangs with which it uses to tear the verb from the sentence.

Hunting in packs, the verbisoid-in-chief will usually send a pair scouting ahead while the rest arrive on the scene a few minutes later. Easily distinguished from the rest of the Verbisauroids by its penchant for stripy socks and gaily-coloured waistcoats of questionable taste, this grammasite is fairly easy to defeat. Like most students of grammar they hate irregular verbs and will soon leave the scene when confronted with one.

They sleep upside down in large groups, usually hiding within poor-quality romantic fiction. They smell strongly of ink and there is a bounty of one guinea per waistcoat.
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