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  Adjectivore feedingr

An adjectivore feeding. This type of grammasite is able to strip all meaning from a noun in under a second.
Welcome to the Jurisfiction Bestiary. There are six hundred and seventy two separate creatures listed here, most of them 'feature creatures' such as elves, fairies, dryads, martians, goblins, harpies, daleks, trolls, unicorns, etc. Others in the bestiary include all the parasitical creatures peculiar to the BookWorld, more commonly known under the banner term 'grammasites': Bookworms, Verbadons, Adjectivores, Verbisoids, etc. For further study and containment a fully stocked zoo is to be found within the pages of Sword of The Zenobians (Password required for entry), an unfinished novel in the fantasy genre. (Floor Six, Shelf XVII)

Separate sections in the Bestiary relate to the more dangerous beasts that roam the bookshelves of The Great Library and The Well of Lost plots, in particular Big Martin, the Questing Beast, the Minotaur (still missing) and Medusa.
Note: The Jabberwock has been downgraded from a class IV beast: 'Claws that catch, jaws that bite' to a class II: 'Friendly but still terrifying.'

To view a selection of grammasites, click the 'next page' button below. Illustrations are by JurisFiction's resident artist, Maggy Roberts
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