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Welcome to the Jurisfiction TravelBook, the most up-to-date manual of book travel anywhere in the BookWorld and prepared for all potential JurisFiction agents by JurisTech - the technological arm of Text Grand Central. If you are reading this for the first time then you are a newcomer to the BookWorld and may be slightly disorientated. Like all successful fictionauts, adherence to the information contained in this travelbook is imperative to your wellbeing whilst manoeuvring between books or attempting trans-genre travel for the first time.

We recommend that you turn to the glossary first to familiarise yourself with the terms used within the BookWorld. Interpretation, whilst one of our staunchest allies in fictional narrative, can cause problems for the unwary, and your safe navigation depends on keeping your wits about you and understanding the unique and sometimes unexpected events that can occur inside fiction.

How to use this book. There are three main sections in the TravelBook. Legal, Information, and Travel. Legal contains the very latest laws that govern the BookWorld and is constantly updated by The Council of Genres. This section is of necessity quite boring, but needs to be studied nonetheless. Information contains everything you need to know and what to expect in the BookWorld: from which grammasite is which to the colour of the Cat's whiskers. Travel contains a copy of Bradshaw's booksploring maps as well as details of the ISBN navigation systems. It also contains sixty opening chapters of popular books so you can navigate direct. (experienced users only). You may also like to visit the technical section and advertisements/announcements
Compiled by the Jurisfiction TravelBook advancement
committee, 1989, comprising of:
The Cat formerly known as Cheshire
Commander Trafford Bradshaw
Thursday Next
Emperor Zhark
Jacob Marley (deceased)
Our sincere thanks to The Great Panjandrum for help and guidance in the making of this TravelBook. Parts of this book first appeared in The Jurisfiction Guide to The Great Library, The Jurisfiction Chronicles, Bradshaw's guide to The BookWorld and Ronan Empyre's The History of Gibbons. The TravelBook committee gratefully acknowledge their contributions.
A Panjandrum /JurisFiction/Text Grand Central production fully in compliance with the Council of Genre's directive on Narrative Policing. All rights reserved.